TikTok Embraces ‘Dink’ – A Lifestyle Trend for Couples with Double Income and NO kids

DINK – dual income, no kids. This term is used to describe couples living together with two incomes and no children.

Dink couples are becoming increasingly popular on TikTok, and the new trend is sweeping the platform.

So basically, what happens in this trend is that two people who are either married or living together boast their luxurious lifestyle on social media as they both are making good money without the stress of looking after any children – because they have none.


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“Instead of spending their money on children, couples are sharing all the perks of putting off starting families – or forgoing it all together.”

“They spend lazy Sunday mornings in bed, brunching and doing couple’s workouts. They dine out at fancy restaurants and spend money on candy that they don’t have to share with little ones,” wrote Daily Mail.

As the trend more and more popular on TikTok, many couples who opted to wait for a few years and enjoy their life to the fullest before having babies started posting content using the DINK hashtag on the video-sharing platform.

According to Daily Mail, “Videos on TikTok under the DINK hashtag have amassed 164 million views, with thousands of comments from envious fans.”

Speaking to the outlet, the creator of the DINK hashtag on TikTok, Mollie, said she and her partner do not wish to stay child-free forever, but for now, they are happy with their lifestyle.

“[Our days are] literally whatever we want it to look like, which is what we love so much and make the most of being ‘DINKS’.

“If we want to spontaneously go out or stay away, we can, or if we just want to relax and do nothing all day just chilling at home, we can.”


Happy friday!! Going on a fun little trip tomorrow 🤗 #dayinmylife #vlog #minivlog #dink

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Mollie said that the DINK lifestyle could also be achieved if you have kids. However, in that case, you won’t get to be stress-free and carefree.

“We love peaceful weekend brunches out, lie-ins, shopping, evenings out with friends, and trips to art galleries or exhibitions which we have learned from family members can be a lot more challenging with children involved,” she told Daily Mail.

Mollie added that she and her partner are both 25 years old, and they wish to start their family someday. However, she also appreciated other DINK couples who don’t plan to have children.

“I think it’s just really important to consciously take in, recognize, appreciate and truly enjoy these years of ‘freedom’ before making such a huge and life-changing decision. It’s a chance of showing gratitude for these years, living in the moment, and recognize elements of our life that would drastically change or be compromised so much when and if we do have children in the future.”


Back with the vlogs! Tried fo film while i was out of town and you know what, it just didn’t happen. But we’re back in the swing of things. Kinda felt like i was in a funk the past few days but tomorrow is a new day! #vlog #minivlog #dayinmylife #dink #doubleincomenokids

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Another woman, Kate, who is in a DINK marriage, started posting her DINK lifestyle content on TikTok with her partner, Brian.

In January, Kate posted a mini vlog using the DINK hashtag and explained how her casual grocery shopping days turn into dates with her husband only because they don’t have kids.

“We don’t have kids to feed, but we’ve got lots of money to spend on goodies,” Kate said in her video that amassed more than 10 million views on TikTok.

Her bio also reads, “Former bride, now a DINK.”

“10.5 years into permanent DINK life and loving it,” one viewer commented under Kate’s video.

“one time my husband and I were bored 5 pm so we got tickets and flew out to disney at 7pm,” another DINK commented.

Despite its increasing popularity on TikTok, this new trend has been bashed by many other people who opine that one cannot live a happy and carefree life forever without kids.

“Everyone wants to brag about being childless. Calling themselves Dual Income No kids (DINKS). Come talk to me when your at the end of your life and the reality hits you that there’s no one else to remember you,” someone wrote on Twitter.

“Being a mom with a husband is a million times better than being a radical feminist with no husband, no kids, and a cat that doesn’t even like you,” another wrote.

However, the trend is still gaining more popularity among people, and many DINK supporters claim it’s the best lifestyle ever.

“what’s even better than this is being a feminist with a husband/wife/partner with dual income, no kids, and a dog who absolutely adores you but go off abby.”

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Source: Daily Mail

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