TikTok Enrages People by Banning Search for ‘White Lives Matter’ Amid Kanye’s Paris Fashion Week Controversy

There’s nothing to stop Kanye from pulling back-to-back and weirdly dramatic stunts.

Earlier this month, the 45-year-old rapper sparked controversy by wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt to his Yeezy Fashion Show in Paris. 

As reported by Page Six, “Before the models appeared, West gave a speech while wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ T-shirt emblazoned with the Pope’s face on the front and the same bedazzled flip-flops he sported last week.

“He referenced his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s 2016 Paris robbery, his former manager Scooter Braun, the struggles he faced entering the fashion industry, his recent fallout with Gap, and much more.”

Speaking to the show’s audience, he said, “I am Ye, and everyone here knows that I am the leader. You can’t manage me.”

According to Daily Mail“Ye is embroiled in controversy, once again, for wearing a ‘white lives matter’ shirt to his Yeezy fashion show in Paris (and putting his models in the tops as well). He also railed against the Black Lives Matter movement and called it a scam.”

“The mogul’s stance, which is reminiscent of the time in 2018 when called slavery a choice, has prompted feuds with everyone from Gigi Hadid to the Kardashians to a prominent Vogue editor.”

Kanye, also known as Ye’s latest stunt, did not sit well with the majority; many people called him out for being extremely irresponsible and insensitive toward a super-sensitive issue.

“Kanye west making Black models wear “white lives matter” shirts is a culmination of his anti-blackness and his immersion in white supremacy ideologies and methods. Disgusting,” someone wrote on Twitter.

“Kanye West’s decision to wear a “White Lives Matter” shirt is disgusting, dangerous, and irresponsible. Some of y’all will rush to defend him. You should ask yourselves why…” said another.

The Flashing Lights musician also engaged in some anti-Semitic conversation on Instagram with another rapper, Diddy and wrote,

“This ain’t a game. Ima use you as an example to show the Jewish people that told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me.”

Following this post, Kanye’s account was suspended by Instagram for going against its community guidelines.

After his WLM controversy, the internet was divided; some people defended the phrase, while others considered it an attack on the BLM movement.

“White lives matter, and it’s ok to be white. Stop being afraid to say that,” Dutch commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek wrote on Twitter.

Two days ago, it was revealed that another social media TikTok apparently banned the ‘White Lives Matter’ hashtag and shows nothing when you type these words in the search bar.

Searches for the phrases ‘white lives matter’ and ‘#whitelivesmatter does not result in anything and rather show a message that reads,  

“This phrase may be associated with hateful behavior. TikTok is committed to keeping our community safe and working to prevent the spread of hate.”

Again, this latest move by TikTok did not sit well with many people and enraged the right-wing community.

“Instead of displaying your fake outrage that Candace Owens and Kanye West wore a White Lives Matter shirt, get outraged that BLM took in 90 million and didn’t use one dollar of that money to help the black community. Instead they paid for mansions, cars, and private jets,” one tweet read.

“All Whites people need to immediately delete the app and never use it again,” another said.

Meanwhile someone wrote, “TikTok banned search results for “White Lives Matter” but not “White Lives Don’t Matter.”

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