TikTok Grandpa, 89, Films Himself Getting Ready for his First Date in 30 Years Before being Stood Up

An 89-year-old grandpa who’s a famous TikTok influencer got stood up on his first date in 30 years.

Grandadjoe is very popular on TikTok, where he regularly shares new videos.

With over 6 million followers, Grandad Joe makes people laugh on the platform with his adorable jokes and pranks. His TikTok bio reads, “Family friendly content.”

Last month, a day before Valentine’s Day, Grandad Joe posted a video of himself on TikTok in which he was getting ready for a date after 30 years.

“Come with me on my first dinner date in 30 years!” he wrote.


Well that was fun 🤦‍♂️

♬ kill bill sped up – SZA

The video then showed Joe sitting in a restaurant waiting for his date to arrive.

“Waiting patiently,” he added.

In the following clip, Joe was seen checking his phone to see if his date texted him to cancel.

But she didn’t.

So, Grandpa Joe waited for an hour, and when she didn’t come, he ate dinner… alone.

“Waited an hour, she didn’t show up. So, I just ate alone,” he wrote along with a sad face emoji.

“Well, that was fun,” the 89-year-old captioned his video, which amassed over 1 million views on TikTok.

Joe’s video received 97.5K likes and over 4,000 comments – people in the comment section said they were sorry to learn that he was stood up by his date, but it was her loss!

“Awww I am so so sorry, but you look dashing as always,” one commented.

“You my friend are one of the most respectable people I will see on my fyp. Waiting an hour and not badmouthing someone. You are an inspiration,” a second wrote.

“omgosh I would’ve been honored to have a date with you,” one woman commented.

“Awww her loss your so handsome. Big hugs,” added another.

“You look AMAZING and if she didn’t see how amazing you are that is her loss I love you granddad joe,” another said.

“one time i walked by this old dude holding flowers and checking his watch outside in the cold and when i came back to talk to him he was gone,” someone recalled.

“It’s her loss! Grandad Joe is so sweet!” another follower commented.

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