TikTok is No Longer the Most Popular Social Media Platform

TikTok is not the most popular social media website in the world, and neither is Twitter. Seriously?

Turns out, yes! ByteDance’s short-form video hosting service, which took the number 1 spot in 2021 and remained on top of every other search engine platform, has been knocked off by other social media websites.

According to Cloudflare Radar, the most popular domains of 2022 have been listed rank-wise, and unlike 2021, TikTok didn’t make it to the top of the list.

The recent ranking shows that the most popular domain of 2022 is not TikTok, Twitter, or even Instagram, but it is Google.

Top 10 Popular Domains of 2022:

1. Google

2. Facebook

3. Apple

4. TikTok

5. YouTube

6. Microsoft

7. Amazon Web Services

8. Instagram

9. Amazon

10. iCloud, Netflix, Twitter, Yahoo

This list shows that TikTok is even surpassed by Facebook this year which took the number 2 spot in popularity.

The video-sharing website was launched in 2016 by the Chinese technology company, ByteDance and is known as Douyin in China.

It was launched for iOs and Android in 2017, but it became available worldwide in August after it was merged with another Chinese social media website, Musical.ly.

Since then, millions of people have been using TikTok, and its algorithm makes it even more popular among content creators because it provides good reach and engagement.

According to Cloudflare Radar’s 2021 popularity list, the video-sharing platform topped the list after surpassing Google, which remained the most popular search engine throughout the previous years.

Top 10 most popular domains in later half of 2021

1. TikTok.com
2. Google.com
3. Facebook.com
4. Microsoft.com
5. Apple.com
6. Amazon.com
7. Netflix.com
8. YouTube.com
9. Twitter.com
10. WhatsApp.com

Last year in February, TikTok held the top place on the popularity list for one day. Then in March, it took the top spot once again. In May, for a few more days, and on most days of August, the Chinese video-sharing app topped the popularity list of domains.

“The website surpassed Facebook as the Internet’s favorite social media platform in terms of traffic, though Facebook remains the platform with the most users worldwide.”

In other news, WhatsApp, a world-famous instant messaging and voice-over service owned by Meta Platforms, has now dropped out of the top ten rankings.

Top 10 most popular social media sites (by traffic)

1. Facebook

2. TikTok

3. Instagram

4. Twitter

5. Snapchat

6. LinkedIn

7. Discord

8. Reddit

9. Pinterest

10. Kwai

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Sources: IFLScienceCloudflare Radar

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