TikTok Mom Revealed Her 7-Year-Old Daughter’s Hairstylist told her She Can’t Stay with her While her Hair was being Done

This is the story of China Anntrice, a YouTuber and TikToker who shared her recent experience visiting a Hairstylist with her daughter.

Anntrice shared a video on her TikTok account and recently booked a well-reputed hairstylist for her daughter, who does braids.

According to Anntrice, she found the stylist on Instagram and really liked her work. She said when she called the specialist to book an appointment for her seven-year-old daughter, she was surprised to learn that the stylist had a ‘no guest’ policy and didn’t even allow parents to accompany their kids.

“Hey y’all, so I need your opinion on something,” she said in her video. “I want you to be honest with me; I’m trying to be honest, anyway. So, I follow this girl on IG. She braids her hair. She braids kids’ hair or adult hair. She braids everybody’s hair, right?

The TikToker said that the stylist is good at her job, and when she braids people’s hair, she does a flawless job.

“And I noticed that their hair is not like pulled like you know like pulling out the edges. My baby got a lot of hair, so I’m concerned about who braids her hair,” She added. “And I don’t let her go just to anybody. So, long story short, today is what, Tuesday? I booked the appointment on Sunday.”

The mom-of-one said when she texted her, the stylist asked for a deposit which she sent. But later, she learned that the stylist didn’t allow anyone to accompany the adult or child who was getting their hair done.

“Let me remind you, on her site; it does say ‘no extra guests.’ When she sent me a text about the deposit and all, it also said the same thing, ‘no extra guests.'”

“I’m like, okay, I’m kind of like why she keeps saying that I know a lot of stylists. I get my hair done frequently. You know, braids, locks, my natural hair get my hair done. So I am like, I can expect no extra guests because no stylist wants the whole gang.” She said.

The TikTok user revealed that when she asked the woman if she could come early, she agreed but told her to drop her daughter at her home and leave.

“We end up getting here early, and I just try to manage my time wisely. We get here at 5:40; my daughter’s appointment is at 6 o’clock,” China told her followers.

She said the stylist didn’t respond to her text, and she kept waiting in her car with her 7-year-old daughter.

She further said that she noticed that many parents or guardians were waiting for their kids outside her house or when the kids got free, they went outside and went home with their elders.

“So, then at 5:55 she takes me and she’s like ‘you can walk her up but you can’t come in,’ like what? I can’t come in. I’m the mother of a 7-year-old girl,” said China.

Anntrice said that after receiving her weird reply, she contacted her mother and sister and asked if she was overthinking and overreacting.

She went on to ask her followers if she was overreacting by not sending her daughter in because she was uncomfortable sending her child alone.

China’s video went viral and received more than 450K views, almost four thousand comments, and 50K likes.

Her clip was flooded with comments that said she wasn’t overthinking and the stylist’s request was weird and unacceptable.

“Nope, I absolutely understand no “extra” guests but I’m a parent, not an extra guest..” one user commented.

“Needs to specify, no parents /guardians if kids are being serviced. With that being said I wouldn’t leave a child alone. I’m not booking with them,” another said.

“Nah I would NEVER leave my daughter alone with a stranger. Ever,” another user commented.

A fourth user said, “No that’s weird to me. I WILL be going with my child into a strangers house. I’m her mother not an “extra guest”

Meanwhile, someone wrote that the stylist needs to have an extra room for parents because they are not extra guests.

“She needs a waiting room for parents. I would not leave a child under 16 with some new stylists.”

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Source: TikTok

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  1. I understand what the mother is saying . I would have not left my child. It’s to many child predators these days. Could have also been a hoarder home.

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