TikTok Woman Faces Backlash for Claiming She’s Too Pretty to Work

A TikToker sparked a heated debate online after saying she is too pretty to go to work.

Lucy Welcher from Canada goes by the username @luluhasfun, has more than 84K followers on the video-sharing platform, and mostly shares her ‘get ready with me’ videos, skincare tips, and makeup tutorials.

A few weeks ago, Lucy shared a video on her TikTok that went viral and divided people in their opinions, with the majority slamming her for her comment.

In the short video clip, Welcher was sipping on her cold coffee as she talked about the daily 9-5 grind.

“I do not want to work for the rest of my life,” she said.

“Does it look like I wanna get up at 6 am every f***ing day for the next 60 years? No! I’m too pretty for that.”

Meanwhile, her caption read, “Not my thing #working #scam.”

Lucy’s video received more than 79K views on TikTok, along with thousands of likes and comments. The comment section divided people in their opinions, though, and many users called her out for sounding so ‘entitled’ and acting like a ‘daddy’s princess.’

“How about trying to be an adult instead of a privileged princess expecting life to be handed to you?” one user commented.

“Hate to break it to you, girl, but the world does NOT revolve around you,” a second person wrote.

“I hope you get humbled girl. You need it,” added a third.

“And this kind of post is why no one takes younger people seriously,” a fourth commented.

“You sound so entitled. Honestly, so many people can’t even speak like you because they have real problems in life and, of course, bills to pay, so they work long shifts and don’t have a choice. It would be best if you thought before speaking because this is stupid,” an angry user commented.

Meanwhile, some people wrote that she is not even that ‘pretty’ and should get over herself.

“FYI, the world doesn’t revolve around you, and you are definitely not a Disney princess, get over yourself,” said one.

“It is good to first love yourself, but please do not assume you are pretty, saying that makes you rather ugly,” another commented.

“You’re average even with filters. Also, if you were pretty, you could work in a job where being pretty is a skill. Smart people have the best jobs,” someone wrote.

“haha, there are real beautiful women, and what makes them successful is the willing to work. You’re not too pretty for work, you’re too lazy for living,” another person stated.

Among hundreds of negative comments, many people also sided with Welcher and agreed with her approach. They said she was right because 9-5 work routines are too hectic, and they don’t want to spend their entire lives working around the clock and getting bored of their monotonous routines.

“Preach it, sissy!” said one.

“Sending this to every employer I’ve ever had, it is indeed a great way of thinking,” another replied.

“Me too, we are on the same boat. 9-5 is a big NO,” said another supporter.

After copping with backlash for her opinion, Lucy informed her followers that she was joking in her video and she has a job and goes to work because she has bills to pay.

In one of her recent videos, the TikToker revealed that she had been promoted at her job.

“I’m starting a new position at my job today, so instead of folding towels, I’m going to be on the desk,” she said. “I’m very nervous to start on the desk because although I may look very beautiful, smart, and talented, I’m not actually smart at all.”

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Source: TikTok

  1. This woman is really entitled, and she’s not even pretty though. What makes someone admirable is paving their path towards success; it’s being at the top because they worked hard for it.

    Some jobs could be exhausting and daunting, but that’s why we need the passion to keep moving up the ladder, so we can get the job or the position we deserve for our hard work. No one starts from the top, people need to work those long shifts to build that sturdy future company.

  2. I’m a female and am about to turn 70 and started working since I was 16 on my feet from 9- until 6 ,I am still in very good health with no health problems .
    And although I’m stilll working very long but only 3 days a wk. , I Can say the rest of the 4 days I’m still on my feet working out and keeping active and keeping a pretty large house clean , cooking my own meals for me and my family has kept me in tip top shape and
    in good health . I hope people know that people realize that hard work and staying active is the key to good health all around , thank you !!

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