TikToker in Her 50s Responds to People Telling Her She’s “Too Old to Dress Like a Teenager”

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Today’s story is about Lonni Pike, an influencer, is one of the most fabulous women we’ve come across. She goes by the name “Gray Hair & Tattoos,” and she has an overall following of 1 million followers on her social media.

This story is about how she responded to all the negativity from people who said she was too old to dress like a teenager.

Lonni Tells Everyone How It Is

One person on Lonni’s TikTok wrote a comment about her age and the way she dressed, this person said:

“You’re too old to dress like a teenager, just saying.”

In one of her viral videos on TikTok, this amazing woman responded to those people and shut them off about it. She said:

“I don’t respond to comments like this often because truthfully, I don’t care what people think,”

“But, it does stop some people from dressing the way they want to.”

It puts that seed of doubt in their mind, like ‘Oh my God, are people going to judge me?'”

“So, in honor of, I don’t know, “dressing like a teenager,” here’s my outfit for the day.”

“I have on Hello Kitty Doc Martens, little jeans, a belt, and I French tucked my t-shirt.”

“So, don’t let people like this stop you. Wear what you want. Express yourself, even if people think you look like a teenager.

Who cares? I take it as a compliment; thank you!”

“Have a great day! Wear what you want!”

Lonni’s response is what our society needs to learn, and we’re here for it! We simply love how confident and comfortable she is with herself that nothing can stop her from being this awesome. We can only hope for a world where everyone is as happy for each other as Lonni is.

Her audience was also in love with what she said.

Manda Nanosky said:

“I can only hope to be as cool as you when I’m your age.”

Vevina commented:

“I’m 60, still dye my thigh length hair red, wear world of warcraft tshirts ( cause I play lol) and my other geeky clothes 😂”

Claire Pickavant praised Lonni:

“You are my inspiration have turned 41 and have been freaking out about the next decade coming – you are my hero xx”

Lonni, your energy is the kind of energy all of us need to own and share! Your words of self-love and acceptance are super motivational and inspiring. You do you, queen!

For some super inspiration, you can follow Lonni on her Instagram, TikTok & Blog.

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Lonni Pike on TikTok

Images & Featured Image via Lonni Pike on Instagram

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