TikToker Raises $100,000 for 82-year-old Walmart Employee to Retire

Another elderly Walmart employee has gone viral on TikTok and received thousands of dollars so that he can retire after working for decades.

After watching another TikToker raising funds for an elderly Walmart lady for her smooth retirement, TikTok user @bug_boys thought to do the same for an 82-year-old man worker named Butch.

The video was shared by Rory McCarty, 53, on December 17, and within five days, his GoFundMe for Butch raised more than $100,000.

“82yr old Butch still putting in work. Has anybody seen the videos where a guy raised 180g’s to help an 82 yr old Walmart employee retire? We ought to do that for Butch. Who would donate?” the TikTok user wrote.

In the video, Rory could be heard talking to Butch, who was working at the counter while listening to him. Speaking of another woman’s contribution in collecting funds for an elderly Walmart worker, Rory said to Butch,

“Imagine that someone raised that kind of money for you.”

His first video received 2.8 million views on the platform with 259K likes and over 4000 comments.

“Where is the Go Fund Me for this gentleman??” one user asked in the comment section.

“Can you add the repost to this so we can spread it further on TikTok,” another commented.

“Done! Let’s go Butch! Let’s retire this sweet man!” a third user added.

After reading all the supportive comments on his video, McCarty set up a GoFundMe in Butch’s name and asked his followers to contribute.

“I was shopping at Walmart the other day, and was waited on by an 82yr old man named Butch. As a business owner and knowing how hard it’s been to try to find good help for my business. I was astounded seeing this little older man still grinding,” his GoFundMe statement read.

“Working 8 to 9 hour shifts. Recently seeing a Gofundme for a 82 yr old lady working at Walmart on TikTok, and seeing they raised money for her to retire for good. I wanted to help this Navy Veteran to live the remainder of his years traveling to see his kids in Florida. Get him off his feet for 8 hrs at a time.

“And do the things he would love to do that he may not be able to for financial reasons. Every penny will go to Butch. I will be hand delivering Warren Marion (Butch) a cashier check for the full amount given after the Gofundme fee is subtracted.”

Rory also posted a couple of follow-up videos on his TikTok account with Butch where the elderly man was seen getting emotional with gratitude.

“How did I get so lucky?” he asked Rory in one of the videos. The duo then shared a hug, and Butch thanked him once again for his act of kindness.

“Almost at $50K! I don’t have a lot but just donated,” one user wrote in the comments.

“Let’s hit $100,000!!! This guy and every elderly person should be enjoying their lives surrounded by love,” someone wrote.

“I hope it gets to at least 100,000,” another said.

And it did get to 100,000, in fact, crossed the amount. Until now, the GoFundMe has raised $104,848 for Butch, and people are still donating.

In another follow-up video, Rory updated people about Butch and said he had just gotten off the phone with him, and he said he didn’t want to be unfair to Walmart and would give his two weeks’ notice.

“He said he would go to Florida after retiring as he’s already called his girls and asked her to get that bunk bed ready,” said Rory.

The 53-year-old also revealed that just before thanksgiving, Butch’s girlfriend of 13 years left him for his high school sweetheart.

“The great news is I got a call from Fox 5 and now just a little bit ago, they want to interview me and Butch. I believe that’s gonna boost his story even more. I’m so glad,” he added.

Rory said that Butch had been working since he was eleven years old, spent ten years in the Navy, and has been grinding ever since. He Never called in sick and never took a day off.

“I don’t know a person more deserving than him. He said he would use the money to go to Florida to see his kids, and he would enjoy the last 10 or 12 years he’s got, in his own words,” said Rory.

Speaking to Insider, Rory McCarty said, “I’m so happy for him. He can still stay active but stay active doing things that he loves to do, instead of just grinding at 82 at Walmart.” 

You can still donate to this great cause by going to GoFundMe here.

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