TikToker Says Starbucks Barista Filled Drink Halfway After She Asked for ‘No Ice’

A TikTok user went viral after a Starbucks worker filled only filled her drink halfway when she asked for no ice.

User @chronicavida ordered a latte at a Starbucks located inside a GE store and asked not to put any ice in her drink. When the barista handed her a drink, the TikToker was shocked to see that it was not even half full.

She just received a few ounces of her drink in the cup. When she asked for more drink, the barista told her that she needed to pay 70 more cents to get a full cup.

Taking the matter to TikTok, @chronicavida showed her drink to her followers and wrote,

“I’m crying, I asked for no ice, and she gave me this with a straight face.”

The creator’s video amassed over 1.9 million views on TikTok and received thousands of likes and comments.

“Was it an espresso drink? Because that would explain everything.” One user asked in the comments.

“It was a latte,” the creator replied. “So there’s espresso in it obviously but why was she wanting to charge me extra for the milk?” she asked, rhetorically.

“POV: Starbucks starting this trend to stop us from ordering no ice,” a second comment read.

“Same as going to a bar and getting a cocktail no ice,” a third user commented. “You’re not getting extra alcohol for standard price, same goes for coffee.” 

“So, the ice is how they get you, LMAO,” another user penned.

“Please, my coworkers do this sometimes, or if someone asks for a surprise drink we give them water,” someone wrote.

“Kinda controversial but this makes me so happy as a Starbucks employee LOL,” added another.

Some users who claimed to be Starbucks employees explained why the barista did what she did.

“They have to follow the rules because if numbers of ingredients and money don’t add up in the end someone will be blamed,” one said.

“There are recipes and measurements for all the drinks… we can’t just make new measurements when you ask for no ice,” another wrote.

“I’m a barista it’s not like the milk come out of our paychecks come on yall,” commented another.

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Source: TikTok

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