Tom Cruise’s Teenage Daughter has NOT seen him since she was SIX

Cruise’s only daughter Suri hasn’t seen him in almost a decade! How sad is that?

She’s been living with her star mama Katie Holmes who’s played the role of both mother and father in her life these past years.

“If Katie’s feeling stressed or down, Suri’s very compassionate and loving. Katie feels like her daughter really is her little angel. And she’s her strength too, Katie literally is both her mom and dad.” An insider revealed to Us Weekly.

Tom and Katie started going out as a couple in 2005. They were so in love with each other that their relationship was only two months old when they announced their engagement.

In April 2006, the duo welcomed their daughter Suri, and in November 2006, they officially tied the knot in Italy.

After staying for a little more than five years, Holmes filed for divorce in June 2012. According to a few sources, Holmes wanted to protect Suri from the havoc of Scientology.

“Tom Cruise was seconds away from doing what he does best: shooting an adrenaline-fueled action sequence. But as the cameras prepared to roll on June 28, the megastar-in Iceland filming his upcoming sci-fi thriller Oblivion got an unexpected phone call from his wife, Katie Holmes.” People reported in July 2012.

“He was about to do a stunt and got off his motorcycle to take the call. What happened next would shatter Cruise’s world like a case of big-budget explosives: Holmes informed the megastar she was filing for divorce as the film’s crew looked on. Says the source: “He’s been in shock since that day.”

In 2019, Us Weekly reported that Hollywood’s Top Gun was not allowed to have any contact with his daughter because of his affiliation with Scientology.

“The last time the actor, 57, was spotted with the 13-year-old was in 2013 — shortly after his ex-wife Katie Holmes blindsided him with her 2012 divorce filing.”

Later one of the former followers of the organization told Us that the sighting was just for the sake of public appearance.

“Maybe he did it for a photo op to make it seem like he was connected so he wouldn’t be criticized.”

According to Hollywood Life, “the last known photos of Suri and her dad are from nearly a decade ago in 2012 when the pair visited Disneyland together.”

In April 2019, an insider told the outlet that although Cruise doesn’t visit Suri because he ‘can’t,’ he never stopped loving her.

“As challenging as things have become for him and his daughter, he still loves her. Tom never intended to be estranged from his daughter when he decided to have a family with Katie, and he looks forward to repairing their relationship one day.”

The sixteen-year-old star child lives with her mama, and the mother-daughter duo is practically inseparable.

“You’d struggle to find a mom-daughter duo who are more in sync with each other. They’re a real team — their connection is a beautiful thing to witness.” Wrote Us Weekly.

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