How to overcome 9 common dating and relationship challenges

A lot of times, people will get intimidated at the first signs of difficulty in a relationship.

Not all relationships are created equal. That’s practically a given at this point. Due to the vast diversity of the human population, we all carry our very distinct qualities into the relationships that we get into. Our uniqueness and individuality is what makes our relationships special and different from the relationships of other people. That’s why not all relationships are ever going to be the same. While some tips and techniques may work for certain relationships, it may not necessarily work for others. While some relationships are destroyed by long distance, some relationships thrive on it. The point of this is to never be discouraged if you feel like your relationship isn’t as healthy or as easy as the relationships of others.

A lot of times, people will get intimidated at the first signs of difficulty in a relationship. They will start to get nervous and they may let the pressure get the best of them. Once they do that, they might lose hold of their emotions, and they may risk sabotaging the relationships. If you’re the kind of person who gets very paranoid about the state of your relationship, then this article is for you. You have to know that most problems in relationships aren’t necessarily unsolvable. There is always a way for you and your partner to work through trials and difficulties. You don’t always have to freak out and give up whenever challenges come your way.

You just have to be able to believe in the power of your love and union. Try your best to keep a level head and try to find a path forward in the relationship. Try to find a way out of the mess you’re in and navigate your way to a happy love affair. Here are some common relationship and dating problems that couples encounter that don’t necessarily have to mean the end of the relationship.

1. Awkward first dates.

Yes, first dates are going to be awkward more often than not. But just because you had an awkward first date doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of your relationship is going to be the same. You still have an opportunity to overcome that awkwardness over time. You just both have to be patient with each other. 

2. Long distance relationships.

Long distance relationships are always challenging. There’s just no way of sugarcoating it. The whole point of being in a relationship with someone is perpetual companionship. But if your companionship is disrupted by distance, what can you do? You don’t have to give up. In the age of technology, it’s so easy to instantly communicate with other people over broad distances. 

3. Intra-Office romances.

It can be tricky to be dating a coworker especially considering office policies. But if your company allows for it to happen, why not take a chance? Sure, it can get awkward and difficult to mix relationships and careers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work for you. 

4. Messy move-ins.

Eventually, couples who want to stay in long-term relationships will have to start living together. Moving in with one another is a huge step in a relationship and it can pose many challenges. However, this is also an important test of a couple’s compatibility. The strongest couples will always be able to overcome issues that are brought about by moving in together. 

5. Financial troubles.

Financial troubles are the often most prominent within married couples. They have the power to bring a relationship to its knees. Only naГЇve and immature people will say that money shouldn’t matter in a relationship. It matters. That’s why the more financially stable you are in life, the easier it will be for your relationship to survive. – continue reading on the next page

6. Silent treatments.

You will get upset at each other. You may not be in the mood to talk to each other 24/7. That’s okay. You will be on the receiving end of silent treatments from your partner every once in a while but that’s not necessarily a deal breaker. You just have to give each other the space you need to recover on an emotional level. Once tensions die down, maybe then you can start talking to help save your relationship. 

7. Cases of infidelity.

Cheating is a slippery slope. For a lot of people, when partners cheat, it’s a direct deal breaker and that’s understandable. However, you can never really know where you stand on the issue until you’re actually experiencing it. Some couples are still able to push forward and survive despite cases of infidelity. It’s all a matter of being able to forgive one another. It’s all about being able to repair that trust and move forward in the relationship. 

8. Misunderstandings.

Too often, arguments stem from things getting lost in translation. Whenever you and your partner have misunderstandings, don’t think of it as the end of your relationship. You still have the power to talk things out. You just have to lend an open ear and an open heart to one another. 

9. Conflicting goals.

That’s what compromises are for. You can’t always get everything you want in a relationship. You are going to have to make a few compromises here and there. That comes with the game. It can’t always be just about yourself. You also have to practice selflessness and humility if you want a relationship to survive. 

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