Top 7 Things Women Notice About Men On First Interaction

It’s a proven fact that men and women both notice some traits in opposite gender on their very first meeting. The wayВ guys have their eyes fixed on her, women also checkout men. Yes, it surely goes both ways.

What we notice right-away is mostly appearance based; physical attraction, your grooming, personality, manners etc. All things that are apparent within first few minutes of our meeting make a lasting impression.

Your first impression on the lady in the very first meeting is going to decide about the prospects of your future relationship with her. If you fail to impress her with your stature and persona, then the chances of her getting to know you are also bleak. So try to create a positive first impression on her during yourВ first interaction. Once you strike her with your physical attractiveness she will take interest to know about all your personality traits.

Read on and find out the top 6 things that women notice right away.

1. Physical Stature

That is obviously the very first thing that a woman notices about you even before saying ˜Hello’ to you. Your height, weight and overall build is what she looks at before gazing into any other trait. The way you carry your self, how you move around, the way you walk, your body language; they observe everything from the moment they see you.

  • How To Get It Right

Invest time and effort in keeping yourself physically fit. A proper exercise routine and a healthy life style will definitely have positive affect on your physical stature. Try to compose your self. Have a pleasant personality with controlled body movements. Don’t slouch. Stand and walk confidently and maintain an upright posture.

2. Appearance And Looks

Looks do matter. You must be presentable whenВ  to meet your lady. Your looks and physical appearance will definitely mark their impression on her. Make the best of what you have got. Highlight the best parts in your looks; whether its your eyes, your hair, your height.

If you won’t make an effort to improve your looks and appearance, a woman will definitely not invest her time in you.

  • How To Get It Right

Invest time and effort to improve your appearance and over all outlook. Try to look more appealing with the use of proper accessories, maintaining basic hygiene, grooming yourself etc.

3. Grooming

All women want to see their men well-groomed with a neat look. What you do with your nails, hands, hair, beard and mustache affects your outlook. Taking care of basic hygiene requirements is the basic criteria to have a presentable look.

  • How To Get It Right

Well trimmed beard and mustache, neatly clipped nails, clean hands, trimmed nose hair, fresh breath, pleasant smell and a neat groomed look can turn-on any women.

Grooming products are no longer a ˜women thing’. This idea is obsolete since long. In order to have a well-groomed look that inspires every woman, you need to invest in some good men grooming products.

4. Dressing Sense

The way you dress up and your choice of accessories contributes to your overall look. Women will instantly make a note what are you wearing and how you are wearing it?

An un-ironed shirt, grass stained shoes, dirty pants, smelly socks, ill-fitting apparel are a definite turn-off for her.

Picking up the right apparel for the occasion is also very important. Women immediately notice your dressing sense with one wrong pick of clothing item.

  • How To Get It Right

Refresh your wardrobe every now and then with good outfits. It doesn’t have to be an expensive item. Just buy something that suits you and fits best on you. Always chose the appropriate clothing item for the occasion. Don’t put on anything that doesn’t fit well. Maintain a neat and clean wardrobe. Always wear properly ironed clothes.

5. Mannerism

A man with no manner or poor mannerism is highly unlikely to get any woman’s attention. You body language, subtle behavior, how you greet and treat others, your expressions and tone towards other; these all are counted as your manners. Rudeness, aggressiveness and arrogance are a total no no.

  • How To Get It Right

Always adopt appropriate manners. A well-mannered person is liked by everyone. Leave arrogance and rude attitude aside. Aggressiveness should be saved for sports arena. Never leave your manners aside while eating, talking, laughing or talking.

6. Confidence

Confidence is a definite turn-on for everyВ woman. All women are attracted towards confident men. Women can gauge your level of confidence within initial few minutes of your meeting with her. Make sure you don’t confuse confidence with arrogance and superiority.

  • How To Get It Right

Be confident about yourself, your decisions and your potentials. Confidence automatically highlights all positive traits of your personality. A look in the eye, warm smile, a firm handshake and a confident look will turn-on the woman right away.

7. Conversation

After the appearance the very next thing a woman will notice is your conversation. The way you talk, what you say, and how you say it; everything is being registered in her mind. Women will notice you from the very moment you open your mouth. Don’t just splutter words from your mouth. Talk in a relaxed manner giving others time to absorb and comprehend.

  • How To Get It Right

Talk in a confident tone. Know what you are saying. Never use humiliating remarks for any one. Exclude all inappropriate words from your dictionary. Work on your tone, your accent and of course your vocabulary. Give others a chance to speak. While in conversation always remember, a gentleman never goes out of style.

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