Topless Man Brutally Shut Down by Girlfriend After he tried to Propose at Islanders’ NHL Game

A shirtless man tried to propose to his girlfriend at the Islanders VS. Panthers hockey match and met with cruel rejection!

As reported by the Daily Mail, during the game, when the infamous ‘kiss cam’ spotted the New Yorker, whose identity is unknown, with his girlfriend, he took it as a good opportunity and popped the question.

The weird thing, however, was that he removed his shirt in front of the whole crowd before getting down on his knees.

“Stumping up immense courage, the unidentified man took his shirt off — his chest romantically emblazoned with ‘Plz say yes yes yes’ — and got down on one knee in front of 17,255 fans on the opening night of the Islanders’ NHL season vs. the Florida Panthers.”

In the now-viral video, while the crowd chanted, ‘just say no’, the girl seemed emotional and excited. However, a few seconds later, she stood up, briefly exchanged words with him, and then walked away.

While she was talking to him, everyone thought she would say yes in a moment, and they would happily cheer and congratulate the couple. But to everyone’s shock, the girl in the orange cap shut him down and stormed away from the stadium.

The crowd gasped as the girl walked away while the poor topless guy looked embarrassed and disappointed. He then got up, sat back on his chair, and had his beer.

The video is still making rounds on social media, and people are confused about what the girl said to him before leaving.

“To the girl who just rejected the proposal at the islanders game, I need to know a few things: was that fake, are you okay, and what happened,” a woman said on Twitter.

According to Daily Mail, “While the broadcast reported the woman said yes in the immediate aftermath of the proposal, social media and press reports suggest otherwise.”

Sports writer Dan Rosan Tweeted about the incident and wrote,

“Kiss cam time, and a guy takes off his shirt and written on his chest is “PLZ SAY YES YES YES.” He gets down on one knee and proposes. Camera cuts away. But I could see them from the press box. The girl got up and left. She flat out left. And the Panthers scored. Can’t make it up.”

Meanwhile, a Twitter user claimed to have witnessed the whole incident live and said he felt bad when the woman said NO.

“Crazy view of the islanders game proposal that went wrong . She said no! No! No! I felt so bad … he was sitting there shirtless for 2 min tearing up. For all those saying it was fake, I was there and it was most certainly not fake.”

A user also suggested that people must ensure they would get a positive response from their partner before popping the question to them.

“I have always said that no one should ever propose marriage unless they absolutely already know what the answer is going to be. How do you know? When your girlfriend keeps reminding you that she’s not content to just be a girlfriend forever.”

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