‘Trad-wife’ Lets Husband Sleep With Other Women to Make him Happy

A woman has revealed that she lets her husband sleep with other women while she cooks, cleans, and caters to all his needs.

Monica Huldt is a 37-year-old self-proclaimed trad-wife from Arizona who spends her life fulfilling her husband’s needs and wishes and has no problem doing so.

Speaking to the YouTube channel, Love Don’t Judge in an interview, Monica said that 98% of her day revolves around her husband as she cleans the house, cooks for him, and manages everything else. At the same time, he works and lives a bachelor’s lifestyle.

“I enjoy being a traditional housewife because that’s my love language. I love to make people I love feel good,” she said. “It’s not like I’m a hopeless little girl, it’s not that. It’s just he’s assertive and I like that in a man.”

John, who makes all the decisions about their house and their lives in general, said he and Monica had been together for six years and are pretty cool with their lifestyle.

“So this sleeping with other women thing, first of all its a really small part of our relationship, Monica was cool with it, and I was cool with it.”

“I think it’s a luxury I have that probably most guys watching this wish they had just because of genetic programming,” he said.

“If you look at how all other mammals that’s how they do it, typically the alpha gets to bang all other all the females,’ he explained before adding that it makes for a much more relaxed relationship.’”

Monica added that she has no issue with her husband sleeping with other women as she knows he only does it for fun and has genuine feelings for her only.

“I’ve always had a submissive side since I can remember and I’ve always been drawn to assertive and dominant males,” she said while admitting that she found John very attractive because he was hot and played guitar.

The traditional wife added that she puts on her best dresses while cleaning and cooking because her mum told her she should look pretty for her husband at all times.

“My mum told me, ‘be pretty and in good shape because nobody wants a fat and ugly wife.'”

However, many of her friends didn’t support her ‘trad-wife’ lifestyle and claimed that Monica lost her dignity by allowing her husband to sleep with other women.

“I actually had like childhood friends straight out telling me that I’ve lost my dignity as a woman,” she said.

But Monica loves John and said she’s okay with losing friends.

“I know in my heart that he loves me because he comes home to me, he takes really good care of me. I can see how people that don’t know us might think, ‘oh that’s not healthy’, or ‘that’s bad’, but I think if you’re a good person and you’re with someone you really, really love and you’re soulmates, it’s a whole different thing.”

“I love my marriage and I love him, and I don’t think there’s anything stopping us from living like this always.”

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Source: Love Don’t Judge on YouTube

    1. You are the like button. Lol. Yeah, NO. Hard pass. Either he’ll never leave her because he’s “got it made”, or he leaves her and she wonders why.

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