Two Damaged People Trying To Heal Each Other Is Love

Two damaged people are able to relate with one another in their damaged-ness; if that even makes any sense. Yes, it can be quite a challenge to fulfill the needs and expectations of another person without completely disregarding your own, it’s not impossible. And two broken souls are able to really relate to having problems that other people don’t seem to care about or understand. A damaged person is someone who is used to having to deal with problems alone.

And that’s why it’s great when two damaged people try to help each other out through their issues. There is no selfishness there; because they know exactly what it feels like to fend for themselves. And they wouldn’t want to do that in a relationship. They wouldn’t want anyone they love to go through that alone. Because the process of healing is always better when it’s shared with someone you care about.

Two damaged people will always know what it feels like to experience loss and desertion. They will always know what it feels like to be abandoned and betrayed. Damaged people understand the art of detachment fairly well because of the number of times they have had to go through it. And that’s why damaged people also tend to put more effort into fighting to keep the things and people that are most valuable to them. Damaged people always expect good things to end; but that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to fight like hell to keep them alive.

Damaged people are always so used to just being alone. It’s not that they like the loneliness; it’s just that they have learned to embrace it. It’s as if the universe decided to have loneliness thrust upon their souls. And that’s why when damaged people manage to find people who are just like them; people they can really relate to, they get excited.

It’s rare for them to experience that kind of rapport with anyone. As they say, misery loves company. And that’s why when a damaged person meets another damaged soul, they always fight like hell to make it work because they know how difficult it is to find someone they can relate to. At the end of the day, we’re all searching for souls that are able to understand us for who we really are; not just for who we want to be.

Yes, it’s true that damaged people tend to guard their hearts more. They are more protective of their feelings because they know the pain that comes with being betrayed and manipulated. They know that opening themselves up to another person means opening themselves up to the risk of getting hurt. But when two damaged people get together, it’s like a match made in heaven. It’s two damaged souls who are trying everything they can to not hurt one another – because they know the devastation that comes with being hurt by someone you love and trust.

Yes, it can be difficult for two people who are closed off to interact at first; but once that trust is formed, there is certainly no breaking it. Because the thing about damaged people is that even though they might seem weak, they are incredibly difficult to break. All of the trials that they have had to face in life have made them stronger. All of the downfalls that they have had to go through have hardened them. And they become stronger every time they choose to get back up after a stumble.

Damaged people tend to feel a stronger connection with other broken people because there is a sense of camaraderie and relatability there. Circumstances and scenarios might be different. The details and backgrounds of their stories might not exactly be the same. But the kind of damage that is there is completely relatable. They are able to connect with one another through the pain and anguish that they’re both carrying. Because at the end of the day, even though we all have our own different stories, pain is always going to be able to speak the same language. And brokenness looks the same wherever you might go in this world.

It might prove to be difficult for two broken and damaged people to make a love work. But as they say, the most beautiful things in this life never come easy; and they’re certainly always worth fighting for. And what can be more beautiful in this world than love? No matter how damaged you might be, you are always deserving of love – whether it be with another damaged person or not. You always deserve happiness. You always deserve a chance at feeling whole again. And hopefully, you find a partner in your journey; even if your partner is someone who is as broken as you are.

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