UFC Fighter Tim Elliot Claims Ex-Wife Cheated on him With a Friend

Tim Elliot has accused his ex-wife of cheating on him throughout their marriage, including their wedding night.

The New York Post reported that the UFC fighter, 36, posted a photo of his ex-wife, Gina Mazany, on his Twitter account and accused her of cheating on him with his friend and teammate, Kevin Croom.

“You want to see something gross? This is my ‘wife’ reading vows to my daughter on our ‘wedding’ night,” Tim wrote. “The guy holding the microphone was my ‘friend/teammate’ my wife cheated on me with this guy the same night! and they have had a relationship our entire ‘marriage.’”

Elliot is no longer married to Mazany who is also a UFC fighter and claimed that he found about her infidelity from her text messages with a friend – in the chat Gina mentioned having an intimate relationship with Croom to her friend.

When he confronted her about the messages, she confessed that she cheated on him with Kim Croom.

According to The Post, “Elliott also alleged that Mazany did not come back with him after the wedding due to “friends there from out of state” while he took his daughter home to go to sleep. Mazany and Croom are now together, Elliott alleges, though the two have not commented on the accusations.”

As of Gina Mazany, she has deleted her Instagram account, but pictures of her and Tim and still uploaded on Elliot’s page.

Last year in April, Gina Mazany and Kim Croom were cut by the UFC after the losses, however, the duo is still pursuing other promotions.

According to Marca, “Mazany, 34, and Croom, 35, are now dating and out of the fighting company, while Elliott is scheduled for a fight against Victor Altamirano on June 3, over a year after his last bout.”

On the other hand, Tim has not fought for the UFC since UFC 272, when he defeated Tagir Ulanbekov. Currently, the mixed martial artist is preparing for his upcoming fight with Victor Altamirano in the UFC in the first week of June.

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Source: The New York PostMarca

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