Ukrainian Mom Gives Birth to Her First Baby in Underground Shelter

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Since the past month, over 2 million refugees have fled Ukraine and have moved to neighboring countries – where they’re being welcomed with open arms and love. The world is watching, and people from every corner of the globe are playing their part to show support for Ukraine. But many people chose to stay behind and not leave, defending their homes.

Image Source: The Guardian

Today’s story is about a Ukrainian woman who gave birth to her first baby in an underground shelter hospital. Viktoria, a 32-year-old, wrote to The Guardian, describing her journey in-depth.

“First we had to spend about 30 minutes in a queue to get gas. Then we were riding through Kyiv and it was empty – I’d never seen such an empty city. We heard the sound of sirens. It was scary, like a movie, but I was trying to stay positive.”

“While I was pregnant I had taken yoga classes, prepared for gentle birth-giving, took courses. It wasn’t like this.”

“For us there was a small room without any doors, only a shower curtain that separated us from the main room with 50 people in it.”

“There was no medical technology, just a gynaecological chair. I was trying to not even look over there and hoping to go back to the hospital soon.”

“Then my waters broke. My doctor looked at me and said: ‘OK, we will do it here, it’s too dangerous to wait.’ At that moment I wasn’t afraid. I trusted my doctor – the only thing on my mind was holding my son and ending the pain.”

Image Source: The Guardian

Viktoria successfully gave birth to her son, Fedor. She finally got to hold him. She continues:

“I was so happy when I saw my son, Fedor. With his black hair he looked like a small copy of my husband, who cut the cord. When I held Fedor he was very warm. I just felt, wow, love and pure happiness and all these mystical feelings.”

“As I held him in the bunker, I said to him: ‘You’re lucky, you’re unique, you’re born in Ukraine, you’re a new Ukrainian.'”

“Fedor has brought so much love, happiness and kindness into our home. We take care of him, and it makes us happy.”

“I’m hoping and praying for peace – he’s a new Ukrainian, he should grow up in a new Ukraine.”

Every day, we see conditions worsen in Ukraine – and we’re constantly hoping for things to settle down. Our love and support go out to all of the people in Ukraine and those who’ve had to flee during these turbulent times.

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