Ukrainian Refugee got Arrested after Repeatedly Kicking her British Lover’s Door and Screaming in the Neighborhood

The Ukrainian refugee, who was recently dumped by her British boyfriend, was arrested by the police when she kicked on his door after being thrown out.

22-year-old Sofiia Karkadym moved into Tony and Lorna Garnett’s house in May 2022, and within two weeks, she was having an affair with the father of two.

The Bradford resident cheated on his wife Lorna with Sofiia and abandoned his family.

In July 2022, Tony, who used to work as a security guard, told Daily Mail that he intended to marry Sofiia and even planned to start a new family with her.

“I want to propose to this beautiful lady,” he said.

“I am also planning to consult my doctors to reverse the vasectomy I had after having two children with my previous partner Lorna.” He added.

Recently it has been reported that Tony decided to leave Sofiia due to her alcohol addiction and anger issues.

“He has broken up with Sofiia and thrown her out of their rented home after accusing her of not being able to handle alcohol, using a knife to damage a wall, and interfering with his relationship with his two daughters,” per Daily Mail.

On Saturday, when Tony asked Sofiia to leave his house immediately, the 22-year-old Ukrainian lost her calm and threw a fit; she became aggressive and started kicking his front door along with screaming.

The British father then called the police and got her arrested.

“Police were called and found Sofiia Karkadym, 22, in the bushes after she made a desperate attempt to try and win back 30-year-old security guard Tony Garnett.”

 “She left home they had previously shared but returned last night when neighbors heard her yelling at Tony outside and dialed 999 after she repeatedly kicked the door. Officers arrived in two vehicles with blue lights flashing, but she scaled a garden wall and disappeared into the night.”

The footage received by the news outlet showed that the IT manager from Ukraine kept shouting, “Tony, I love you. Please come with me,” as two police officers escorted her away.

“After being taken away for questioning, Sofiia was freed without charge,” wrote Daily Mail.

Speaking to the outlet, Tony said that he had to take the necessary steps to ensure his safety.

“She was kicking the front door and shouting and screaming, and I tried to talk to her. I had to tell her why our relationship was over. In those few minutes, I told her that I was scared of what she might do after I’d seen her ram a knife into the wall in the kitchen several times while she was drunk.”

“I am a security guard, and I can look after myself, but I don’t like violence. And I was worried that she gets very angry,” he continued.“It was my 30th birthday at the weekend and she ruined it by getting very aggressive after drinking too much and then the incident with a knife happened in the kitchen.”

“I have decided that I don’t want to be in a relationship with her anymore”

Garnett further said that he didn’t want Sofiia to be charged with any offence; however, he has nothing to do with her from now onwards.

 “I did not want her to be charged with anything. I think she has been through a lot and you have to at least sympathize with the fact that she’s from a country that has been invaded.”

“She is from Lviv which hasn’t really been affected as much as other parts of Ukraine. So hopefully she’ll be safe back with her family.”

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Sources: Daily MailImages & Featured Images Credits: NB PRESS LTD & MailOnline

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