Professional Bridesmaid was once Hired to tell Groom his Bride wasn’t Coming to the Wedding

Getting married and don’t have your bridesmaid? Or even if you’re short of one, you can hire this entrepreneur as your professional bridesmaid, and nobody would know.

Jen Glantz, a 35-year-old founder of Bridesmaid for Hire, is a Brooklyn-based writer and businesswoman who turned a Craigslist ad into a viral business and a six-figure empire. In addition to running her successful business, Jen hosts her podcast; You’re Not Getting Any Younger.”

“I was a bridesmaid for every friend I ever had in my early 20s. When distant friends started asking me to take on the role, my roommate at the time nicknamed me ‘The Professional Bridesmaid,’” she told The Post.

Speaking of her breakthrough in 2014, Glantz said, “That’s when I took the idea to Craigslist, posted an ad offering my services as a hired bridesmaid for strangers. I received over 300 responses, built a website, and booked my first client (Ashley from Maple Grove, Minnesota) all in 48 hours.”

As a bridesmaid, Jen and her team do everything a bridesmaid would do – from walking down the aisle wearing a bridesmaid dress to running last-minute errands and giving toasts; she is a pro at everything.

According to Jen, most of the time, people who hire her as their bridesmaid want to keep it a secret, so she makes sure it remains a secret, and nobody in the guest list gets to know she is not a real bridesmaid.

“Plus, we’re a support system for you before the wedding begins,” she told the outlet. “Often, clients want to hire us and keep it a secret. That’s when we put on a disguise, have a fake name and backstory, and really immerse ourselves in your life.”

She has been in the business for over seven years and has worked with over 250 clients, worked with hundreds of freelance bridesmaids, and had over 100K people apply for the role.

“We work with the couple (or just the bride or the groom) as their support system during the wedding adventure. We’re the best friend you always wished you had when you needed that friend the most.”

As reported by TYLA, once a client hired Jen as her bridesmaid, and on the wedding day, just minutes before her vows, she realized she didn’t want to get married. So, she asked her bridesmaid, Jen, that she should break the news to her husband-to-be and tell him the ‘wedding is off.’

And she handled the situation once the bride left the event (without getting married).

This wasn’t the only event where she helped the bride call off the wedding; another client hired Jen only to end her engagement on the day of the event because she couldn’t do it herself.

“I had someone hire me to end their engagement because they had nobody else to be honest with or seek help from. She told me she fell out of love with the person so I helped her create a plan that included getting a therapist, finding a new place to live, and deciding how to share the news with her fiancé,” Jen told the outlet.

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