Viral Video of Woman Making Nachos for Husband Who Refused to Eat her Home-Cooked Meal is Nauseating People

A viral TikTok video which showed a wife making nachos for her complaining husband who wouldn’t eat her home-cooked meal recently sparked outrage on social media.

Last week TikTok user Brianna shared a video on her profile that showed her recording herself while making nachos for her husband, who refused to eat salmon for dinner that she had cooked for him earlier.

“My husband didn’t eat the dinner that I made, so let’s make him some nachos,” the text on Brianna’s TikTok clip read.

“If I don’t feed him he literally won’t eat, this used to irritate me,” she explained. “Now I just blame his mother for never making him try salmon.”

The clip then showed the husband all tucked in on the couch, where Brianna handed him the Nachos…. Like a baby.

“Moral of the story: always serve your kids allllll the food, even if they say they dont like it after the first time. 25 years from now your child’s spouse will thank you,” she captioned her video, which has been viewed by nearly 2.7 million people on the platform.

The clip received over 12,000 comments, and the majority criticized both Brianna and her husband. Viewers in the comment section slammed the wife for pandering to her husband’s childish behavior and the husband for acting like he’s a baby.

“It got worse with him wrapped in the blanket being served,” one wrote.

“Sorry, my inner beast would come out .. “then go ahead and STARRVVEE!!!” a second said.

“If my husband came home after I cooked dinner and told me he wasn’t eating it to make something else I’d laugh in his face,” a third added.

“I didn’t make dinner for months after he complained. He can figure it out himself I promise,” a fourth commented.

“If your parents don’t do a decent job raising you, it is your responsibility to finish the job, not your spouse’,” said another.

“Oh honey, no.. we don’t do that,” someone said.

The clip also went viral on Twitter, and people lost it in the comment section and strongly bashed the couple, especially the husband, for making his wife do the motherly duties.

“Ok this is a serious ick,” said the user who shared the TikTok video on Twitter.

“The way he’s tucked in on the couch is making me angry lmao,” the Twitter user wrote in the comments.

“Somehow I knew he’d be full blanky mode,” someone commented.

“Men who expect their partners to “baby” or “mommy” them are a whole level of sad,” wrote another.

“Should have let him go to bed hungry smh,” a third added.

“the way i would leave this man in a parked car on a hot day,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Dear American girls If a guy doesn’t like your food or the dish you made for them, just look at him dead in the eye and say “the kitchen is right there, feel free to make something else” in the most passive aggressive tone you can A Brazilian advice for you, sweeties,” said another.

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  1. I’m sorry, but she’s enabling him to act like a 2 year old toddler, I raised 4 boys and let me tell you something, they would NEVER act like that, even if I gave in sometimes and made them something different, she needs to put her foot down and tell him where the kitchen is and that he’s more than welcome to make his own dinner!!! I’m sorry but no, no, no, no NO!! My husband would be in tears crying in the fetal position for a WHOLE DIFFERENT REASON!! Stand your ground honey because when you do have kids, they will think that’s the way you get what they want for the rest of their lives!!

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