Virgin, 35, says men GHOST HER when she tells them she is a 35-year-old Virgin

A 35-year-old virgin woman recently opened up about her struggle with finding love and the perfect match for herself.

Sonali Chandra is an Indian-American model, dancer, and comedian who lives in New Jersey and is single at age 35. According to Ms. Chandra, the reason is that she is a virgin and has never had a physical relationship with any man.

Speaking to Daily Star, the native Indian said that many of her suitors run away from her because she never slept with a man before and this makes them uncomfortable.

However, the model maintained that she plans to stay strong and wouldn’t even consider sleeping with someone before they’d put a ring on her finger.

“I consider sex sacred and special. In fact, I don’t even like the word ‘sex’, I prefer ‘making love’,” she told the outlet.

“I’ll be ready [to make love] when I have a ring from ‘the one’.”

According to Sonali, she grew up in a strict household, her parents are from India and migrated to the US before her she was born. But despite immigrating to America, her family remained attached to its roots and culture and never adopted the values of typical Americans where casual ‘hook ups’ are no big deal.

“She had her first kiss at age 26 and remains a virgin. After a few relationships with men, she has been let down time and time again and has been ghosted by men after she tells them that she is a virgin.” – Daily Star.

She said she was not allowed to socialize with a lot of boys while she was in high school. She did not go to her prom night or had any dates as a college student.

“My strict upbringing absolutely has had a profound impact on my dating life. I was not allowed to socialise and dating was a big no-no,” she said.

“Dating is a life skill, and I was forbidden from developing that skill in my teenage and college years. Fast forward to the present day, at age 35, I still have no clue how to date!

“As an adult, I have always been terrified that I’ll meet a predator if I meet with a stranger,” the New Jersey resident continued. “Instead, I spend every weeknight exercising so I don’t feel lonely, and I spend Saturday and Sunday nights alone in my studio apartment, which is very depressing, I go to sleep by 8 pm to numb my emotional pain.”

Chandra revealed that recently she starred in a reality dating show called, ‘Five Guys a Week’ to find the right person. However, she left the show without meeting the ‘right man’ because, according to the rules, she had to move in with a different guy every week to see if he was the one.

“Being on the show was a surreal experience – I had never done anything like that before!

“Our phones and laptops were taken away, there were 20 cameras that were on 24/7 and we had microphones on us the entire time. There was no TV or Radio which meant we had no option but to get to know each other.

“It was very fun and relaxing to just enjoy the experience of finding love without access to our phones. This is how dating should be. As for sex, I do maintain the mindset that it should happen after marriage.”

In December 2020, Sonali appeared on Dr. Phill Show and discussed her dating struggles as a virgin woman.

“I have only ‘dated’ nine men – including three serious relationships – and all nine men were jerks when they found out about my virginity,” she explained.

“Since I have become a public figure, boatloads of men have contacted me. They all have professed their love for me and want to marry me – without ever having met me!”

“I am scared to respond to any of them because of the concept of stranger danger.”

Despite her frustration with dating and relationships, Sonali is still hopeful of finding her perfect match one day and wants to have a love like the Indian actress Priyanka Chopra and American singer Nick Jonas.

“I am looking for a chivalrous gentleman who is moral and ethical, handsome, ambitious, health-oriented, and will treat me like a Queen.”

“I want what Priyanka Chopra has with Nick Jonas.”

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Sources: Daily StarDr. Phill ShowImages & Featured Images via Sonali Chandra on Instagram

  1. She right. I am also bringing up like that. That’s a very good thing I will always be greatful for my parents

  2. You have to respect her for her beliefs and it is truly hard to find a virgin at her age. Men should understand the fact she wants to be married and make it truly a love exsperience instead of a one night stand or some guy syaing he scored on a virgin. I would love to meet this woman even tho I know it won’t happen. Stay strong in your beliefs and you will someday find your king.

  3. I think what she is doing is right and you can not say that about a lot about woman today. Do what you feel is right. And what you believe .and don’t care what other people think. I wish a lot of women was like you.

  4. This young lady is a good example for how a lady is to be respected and honored to have the virtues of chastity in love of her body.

  5. I like her decision because when you sleep with someone sexually it means you’re making a covenant and you can only make that kind of a covenant with your husband. Keep up with your decision girl God will definitely match you with a man who is good for you just keep the faith.

  6. I was raised in a religion and, as such, was not to have premarital sex. I applaud this woman for upholding her values especially considering the consequence to her life, but I would never again marry before having sex. I married young given the extra “incentive” to get married. Long story short I married the wrong woman for the wrong reasons. To top it off we were sexually incompatible which we only realised after marriage. If I were to go back in time I’d tell my old self to drop this unrealistic expectation on myself and to realize that there’s nothing sacred about abstinence.

  7. She apparently has a high level of personal values and morals. And for men to run when they decover her age and her virginity, in my opinion makes the men look more like an animal seeking pray. If a man can not accept her values, he is not worth having as a life partner.

  8. I have a deep respect for her and love that she is holding true to her beliefs. I admire that in a person. I would like to get to know her on a personal level, no pressure about taking it a sexual relationship, I’d just like to know her. It may never happen, but it would be nice to meet someone like her.

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