WAG Divides Internet After Praising Teenage Daughter for Punching her Bully

The wife of a professional football player has sparked a bullying debate on the internet after praising her teenage daughter for punching her bully in the face.

Bianca Austin, wife of former Southampton striker Charles Austin took to her Twitter and appreciated her 16-year-daughter for punching a girl who bullied her numerous times.

“After weeks of being bullied by the same girl, numerous phone calls to the school, and nothing changing, today, when being called names, my daughter finally punched the bully in the face. Proud mum,” she wrote.

The mum-of-three included clapping emojis in her tweet and applauded her daughter for taking a stand against her bully.

However, her tweet ignited a debate among people – although the majority backed the girl for doing the right thing, many also questioned Bianca’s parenting and said she should not praise her daughter for using violence to stop bullying.

“I think she was wise defending herself. What about the bully ? Has she been sanctioned?” one follower asked.

“Mallayla is in a school exclusion at the moment whilst the other child is in class. I asked what sanction she would be receiving and was told she was only verbally abusive but other students’ sanctions are not allowed to be discussed with me, so who knows,” the proud mum responded.

“We all have out breaking points and can only be pushed so far. Does she feel better now she’s stood up for herself?” a second wrote.

“No, but shes hoping the girl will leave her alone now. X,” Bianca answered.

“Bravo bravo Had the same thing with my 12 year old and I told her to punch her in the throat if she grabbed her by her hair again she did and the bully hasn’t been near her since,” a third said.

“I had the same back In year 10 had this one kid picking on me for ages. I know the teachers wouldn’t do anything and snitching makes you very unpopular and makes you get bullied more. Stood up to myself, said to the kid stop but he didn’t. Next day gave him few punches,” another person shared their personal experience.

“Sister used to come home crying her eyes out every day when she started year 7 and it tore me apart cos I couldn’t do anything about it…. But after 6 months of hell she had enough and bashed the bully straight in the face, safe to say next 4 years of school went down a treat,” wrote another.

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  1. I would tell my child to do the same thing! What about the anti-bullying policy? Nothing gets done and they get away with it while the one who stood up for themselves gets punished! The system isn’t fair and something needs to be done about it. My brother who is 6 yes younger was getting bullied on the bus by an older kid who kept pushing him and his face at times into the seat in front of him. Bus driver did nothing and after listening and me being in middle school I walked to the bus to pick him up. I confronted girl and had me walk to her house and talked with her father. He had no more problems after that!

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