Wait For A Man Who Is Actually Ready To Get Serious With You

You really need to find yourself a man who is ready to settle down with you forever. You need someone who is really ready to get serious with you; someone who is already thinking about you in the long term. You need to find a man who tells you that he is genuinely looking for a REAL relationship. You can’t settle for someone who is telling you that he’s just not ready for anything serious right now; someone who is only looking for something simple and casual. Nothing about your love should be simple or casual. It should always be complex and real. Find yourself a man who is deliberately working hard to grow up; to mature into an individual who is perfectly capable of sustaining a relationship.

Find a man who is working hard to get rid of all of the emotional baggage that he has so that he doesn’t screw up the relationship that he’s getting into. Find yourself a man who is able to deal with his personal feelings and emotions in a productive manner; someone who doesn’t infect other people with his pessimism and toxicity. Find yourself a man who is never going to hurt you with his own immaturity and selfishness. Find yourself a man who knows how to love – to love you the way that you deserve to be love. You need to find yourself a man who is ready to make himself unavailable to any other girls just so you can get peace of mind.

Find yourself a man who is going to assure you that he would never open his heart up to anyone else so as long as he’s with you. This is a guy who should be willing to erase all dating apps on his phone. This is a man who shouldn’t be keeping cellphone numbers of girls he used to date; girls he would have no reason for keeping in his life at this point. He should be a man who is no longer interested in casual hookups and one-night stands. He should be someone who is completely over the bachelor life; someone who wants to establish his roots and lock himself down with someone special.

You should find the kind of guy who understands that part of being in a relationship means having to give up certain freedoms; and he has to be willing to make compromises for the greater good of the relationship. Find yourself a man who would have no problems with professing how he really feels about you; a man who wouldn’t hesitate to let the world know that he’s serious about being with you. You need to find yourself a man who understands the importance of planning for the future. He should be someone who knows that if he wants to be able to sustain a long-term relationship with you, he really needs to prepare for it. He should be an ambitious individual who isn’t content with settling for a life of mediocrity.

He should be someone who wants to have a good career so that he will be able to provide for you and your future family together. You need to find yourself a man who has an eye for tomorrow; someone who has foresight. You need to be with someone who isn’t always just living in the moment and going wherever the wind takes him. You need to be with a real adult; someone who understands the responsibilities that come with adulthood. He should be the kind of guy who owns up to his actions; someone who doesn’t like to play the blame game. He should be mature enough to be accountable for everything that he does in his own life. You need to find yourself a man who envisions the same future as you;

someone who wants all of the same things that you want. Find yourself a man who you don’t have to push to make an effort; someone who really takes an initiative when it comes to making your relationship work. Find yourself a man who loves you and accepts you for who you really are; someone who doesn’t try to change you. Find yourself a man who doesn’t use you for your body or whatever perks you’re giving him. You need a man who sees you for you; and who loves you despite all of your flaws and imperfections. Find yourself a man who you know is never going to change his mind or his heart when it comes to you.

At the end of the day, you really need to find a man who is ready to take you seriously; because frankly, you just don’t have the time or energy to put up with boys who are only looking to play immature games. Stick with the man who is ready to be the rock; the foundation for your future.

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