Wait For The Person Who Makes You Forget About Everyone Who Came Before Them

Love should always have the power to make you feel whole and complete.

Patience is a virtue; and it is one that is only found within the best of people. Waiting can be one of the most grueling and emotionally daunting experiences any person can be forced to go through, particularly for those who have not been gifted with the attributes of patience. Some people are just naturally stubborn and they let their curiosities get the best of them. They always want to have all the answers right away, and patience is not an option for them. Waiting is absolute torment for these kinds of people.

That’s why for impatient people, relationships can be incredibly difficult. It takes a great deal of patience and understanding for one to find success in dating. It’s a whole lot of trial and error a lot of the times. This method of finding answers and success has proven to be very hard for people who just don’t have the patience to let time tutor them on the semantics of romance. A lot of impatient people will fall victim to just settling for the kind of relationship they don’t really want because they think it’s more important to have something mediocre than to have nothing at all. They will give up all hopes for the kind of relationships they dream about because they don’t have the patience to see things through all the way.

Don’t you dare let the hopeless romantic within you wither away as a result of your impatience. Love should always be special and magical. Love should always have the power to enrich the soul and brighten the dark. Love should give you the feeling of flight that no mode of transportation could ever make you feel. There is no room for disappointment in love. You shouldn’t ever have to settle for love. Love should always be something you aspire towards; something that gives you hope. Love should never fall into the depths of mediocrity.

Love should always have the power to make you feel whole and complete. It should never give you the feeling of lacking something. That’s why love is something that people always have to be waiting for. When impatient people choose to settle for the kind of love that is half-cooked, they are only cheating themselves of the magical experiences that a true and ready love can provide them.

When you wait for the love that you really deserve, you will then discover why being patient is always important. You will understand that the time you’ve spent waiting for that one special person is time that you would willingly give up in a heartbeat if it meant that you get to experience the kind of love that is worthy of its name. When you are patient enough to wait for the kind of love that you deserve, you will be waiting for a person who is going to consume your everyday thoughts. You will be choosing to wait for a person you want to spend all of your time with. You will be waiting for the person you can have countless hours of conversation with without feeling bored, forced, or repetitive. You will be waiting for the person who will make you feel like waiting wasn’t a struggle at all, but rather, a gift.

How convenient it would be if we just had some kind of device that could tell us how long we would have to wait for the love of our lives to come along. This can save the impatient person a lot of doubt, grief, irritation, and disappointment. The existence of such a device would be fantastical, but maybe that’s why it doesn’t exist. Maybe the wait is a necessary aspect of love. Maybe the dull and terrifying aspects of waiting are what we have to experience in order to fully appreciate the love that eventually walks into our lives. Maybe reality has designed the pursuit of true love and romance to be this way so that we don’t end up taking love for granted when it does come along. Maybe the struggle of waiting is designed to make us fear the loss of love whenever it chooses to bless us with its presence.

Maybe we just all have to be content with the fact that we are all going to have to practice extreme patience in life especially for all the things that are worth waiting for. It can be difficult to give up our own personal control of time and space, but the universe can have other plans for us, and we have no choice but to go along with the wind. Whether or not we like what we find at the end is up to us, but how we treat the journey of getting there is still something we can control.

Maybe the most difficult part of waiting is the uncertainty the overbearing feeling of incompleteness. You’re just waiting for that one extra piece to the puzzles, but you don’t know what you’re looking for, nor where to get it from. So you just sit there, and you wait you wait for that one thing to walk into your life to make you feel whole. And when it does come, you’ll forget all the troubles of waiting.

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