18 little ways you can tell in the first month that your relationship is actually going to last

Either you’re a girl or a guy, you’ll find yourself wondering about the future as soon as you start dating someone. Unless of course, it is in fact just a passing affair. You want them to be the one from the very start and you wish things would go well.В  Although this is something very natural, and it makes the experience so much more, but there’s a downside to it as well. All this giddiness, clouds your judgment. You’re willing to overlook anything and everything in hopes of everything falling into place with time. There could be warning signs you’re overlooking. But then again, there could be signs that it’d last.

These 18 things can determine the fate of your relationship at the very beginning;

1. They don’t keep you waiting for a reply

You both have a life of your own and there’s no way you can give up on it. You have work, family, friends and other activities as well. Of course they’re a part of your life too. And vice versa. They do find the time to reply to you even when they’re busy. But they never keep you waiting without a reason. Even early on, they’re committed enough to not play hard to get. They want to be with you, and they make sure you know. One way of which is staying in touch when you’re not together.

2. They make plans and don’t bail out on you

You’re both as busy as any given person. But once you’ve decided to give this whole relationship thing a go, you need to make time for it. If they’re willing to invest time, that’s a good sign. They’d want to see you every opportunity they get. And they never back out. They clear time for you, and once they’ve made a plan, they’d never cancel. Unless it’s something unexpected and unavoidable. But then that’s understandable. And you can expect them to make up for it later. *Continue reading on next page*

3. The days are as good as the nights

Can’t get enough of each other? It happens. But don’t allow that to get in the way of actually getting to know each other. There should be more to a relationship than just fooling around or sleeping together. Make sure you have chemistry in other areas of the relationship as well. Have a meal together, go shopping, or on a picnic or whatsoever. If you’re having a good time doing any or all of these things as well and are not constantly thinking about jumping each other, you’ve got yourself a good thing going.

4. Time goes by effortlessly in or out of bed

Keeping your hands off each other can be a bit trying initially. But give it a go nonetheless. Time should fly by as quickly as it does when you’re in bed together. Being able to just talk for hours on, when you’re not doing something together, or doing something that doesn’t involve sex. This is one of the many determinants of whether the relationship has a potential future or not. Because if it’s just about sex, that is going to burn out sooner than you think.

5. You still find them attractive

You want them as much as you did the very first time you saw them. Just because you’ve been going out for a month, hasn’t made them any less attractive. Nothing in that area has changed.

6. You share a similar sense of humor

If not the exact same things, you can laugh at quite a few things together (including each other). Laughter is essential. Having someone that can make you laugh and the ability to make them laugh, is equally priceless. A good sense of humor is very attractive.В *Continue reading on next page*

7. They have no problem meeting and hanging out with your friends

The people who’ve been there with you even before they came into your life. They are important to you. And they’re going to want to meet your partner. They’re going to be critical of your partner, only because they care. Being aware of all this, if your partner decides to meet with your friends, they have good intentions for you. They’d see it as a chance to get to know you better. If they’re reluctant, maybe they’re not so into this relationship.

8. You have no problem doing the same

Just like them, it’s a chance for you to get to know your partner better. The embarrassing stories, the heroic one’s and so on. You’ll get to see a whole different side of them, which should be interesting. They need their friends’ approval, just like you need yours.

9. You don’t keep your relationship a secret

This is an actual unintentional sign that you want the relationship to flourish. Why would you tell people about someone who’s just going to be a part of the picture only temporarily. If you’re confident about introducing them as your partner to other people, you probably have confidence in the potential that this relationship holds.

10. You look your best at times and be your effortless self at others

It’s nice to have someone dress up solely for you. It shows that they care about how they look around you and that they’d take the time to look their best. But at the same time, they should be comfortable enough with you to look like their casual self. Hopefully it’s nothing too scary.

11. You evenly split the bills

This is the awkward part. A guy would try to pay every single time, because he thinks he should. And if the girl is someone who’s used to paying for themselves, wouldn’t like it all that much. But then initially, bringing that up is awkward as well. You never know what would offend the next person. As difficult as it may be, it’s always better to convince the guy to split the bill evenly.В *Continue reading on next page*

12. They want to know you inside out

From the very beginning, they never get tired of hearing you talk about yourself. It’s out of genuine interest. They want to see the places you spend most of your time at. They want to meet the people closest to you. They want to know everything from your fears to your dreams.

13. You want to get to know them too

If they’re interested in knowing every little detail about you, you want to know theirs. The only reason behind this interest is that you want to get as closer to them as possible.

14. They don’t hear you go on and on, they listen

They want to know you, so they listen and hang on to every word you say. Be it the scariest nightmare you had, or the first car you drove or anything. They manage to remember everything you tell them. Moreover they surprise you with the details at the mention of something that has already been discussed.

15. You two have no trouble going out of your way for each other

If that’s the case during the first month of the relationship, then it is actually a really big deal. The things you aren’t all that excited about, you’d still do them for their sake and they’d do the same just to make you happy.

16. You can picture a life together

Nothing is set in stone. But you can always predict a possible future. If you’re looking for the same things, that’s great. If not, maybe there’s something that can be worked out. You don’t have to get married immediately, but if the person you’re dating is strictly against the idea of settling down, don’t expect them to change their mind over time. That rarely happens. If it’s black and white, with not a single shade of grey, maybe you should get yourself out of this situation.

17. You share the same religious or political views, or simply agree to disagree

You may share the same views, or you may not. Either way, imposing your opinions on one another is never an option. If you can’t agree with something, find a way to live in disagreement, peacefully.

18. They inspire you to outdo yourself

Be it about the way you look, or work, or school, or anything, without even really saying anything, they have a positive influence on you. You want to work on yourself. Be the best you can be. And you impart a similar effect on them. This is the true essence of a relationship, two people bringing out the best in each other.

If you see a few or more of these signs towards the end of the first month of the relationship, you can pretty much keep investing in it. But if it’s the opposite of everything mentioned here, maybe this is as good a time as any to end things before it becomes even more difficult to take that step.

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