We All Have That One Person Who Loves Us So Much That It Changes Us Forever

One day, you are going to meet that special person in your life who is going to love you so much that your entire world is going to change forever. This person is going to change the way that you see the world. This person’s love is going to alter your entire philosophy of life and existence. This person is going to forever change the way that you look at yourself and all of the people that surround you.

But the thing is that you aren’t really going to know who this person is going to be. It could be a random stranger who you just happen to run across on a chance meeting. It might be a long-time friend that you have who eventually goes on to be your lover. You might have already met this person or the two of you may have yet to cross paths. But whatever the case, this person is going to come into your life and really shake things up for the better. It might not have happened just yet, but it will. And when it does, you’re going to be eternally grateful for having love walk right into your life.

Love is the single most beautiful experience that you could possibly ever share with another person. It’s such a significant sensation to know that you have someone in this life who loves you more than life itself. It’s a thrill to know that you could mean the whole world to a person. Knowing that fact can really change your perspective. It can really change how you see life and love. Sure, you have an idea of what love is truly like. You’ve seen it in the movies. You’ve probably read about it in books. You’ve seen it in the relationships and lives of the people around you. You might have even tried your hand at it in the past. But once you fall in love for real with the person you’re meant to be with, it’s going to be nothing else like you could have ever imagined. Falling in love with the person you’re destined to spend the rest of your life with is a milestone that you are never going to take lightly. It’s a different kind of safety and security that you feel when you’re with someone who loves you to the point of no return.

It’s just a different level of comfort when you know that there is someone who is always going to be there for you no matter how dire or difficult things may get. It’s a different kind of happiness when you know that you’re with someone who looks at you as if you’re the only person in this entire universe. It’s a different kind of hope that you get when you look at your future and you see the person you love standing at your side. It’s a different kind of fulfillment when you achieve all of your dreams in life and you get to share it with this one special individual who wouldn’t trade you for anything else in this world.

You may not necessarily know when you’re going to fall in love. You might not know who this person is going to be. But once you are actually in it, you will know. There will be no question about it because your life is going to take a dramatic shift and it’s going to be for the better. You may not know what it is you’re looking for exactly, but you’re going to know once you do find it. This person is going to love you until all of your brokenness and anxiety goes away.

This person is going to love you and make you feel like everything is always going to be okay. This person is always going to be ready to flash you a smile no matter how much they might be hurting on the inside. This person is going to treat you with tender love and care as if you were the most precious little baby in the whole universe. This person is going to guard your heart and make sure that no harm is ever going to come of it. This person is going to own up to being your everything – the only person you’re ever going to need in this life.

If you’re lucky enough, you’re going to fall in love with a person who loves you right back; a person who is going to love you so much that you forget about the world that existed before you fell in love. So just stay patient. Don’t settle. Wait for that love to enter your life. And once it does, welcome it with open arms. Make sure to never let it go.

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