Wedding Photographer Shares 3 Signs A Couple’s Marriage Won’t Last

A wedding photographer has divided the internet by sharing signs determining whether a couple’s marriage will work out.

TikTok user Shayla Herrington shared the signs in one of her videos on the video-sharing platform and said the three signs were initially shared with her by her mentor – a well-known wedding photographer who has been working in the industry for over a decade. She didn’t reveal the photographer’s name, though.

“One time I was shooting under this wedding photographer, and they told me they could always tell if the couple will last or not based on three things,” Shayla said in her video.

“Mind you, this photographer has been in the industry for ten or fifteen years so I was really interested to hear their theory on this,” she added before sharing the first sign.

“The first indicator is that one of the spouses will take more than three family photos without the other spouse,” said Herrington.

Shayla admitted to agreeing with the first indicator and said it made sense to her because one might want to click a few solo pictures with their mom and dad, but if one partner kicks the other from more than three photos, then it seems a little suspicious.

“The second indicator is that the bridesmaids or the groomsmen will avoid talking about the spouse when they are getting ready or doing toast or anything,” she said that’s because they don’t like the spouse otherwise why would they not mention the other side in the wedding toasts.

Shayla then shared the last sign with her TikTok family and said if one of the spouses spends more time with their friends and family rather than their spouse, it definitely indicates that the couple’s marriage won’t last long because they don’t like their partner enough.

The video amassed over 316K views on TikTok with hundreds of comments and likes. In the comment section, people were divided in their opinion as not everyone agreed with Shayla and her mentor’s approach.

“Yep. My EX husband didn’t spend time with me at the wedding, and his groomsmen didn’t even say hi to me at all,” one wrote.

“I heard another photographer say if a spouse smushes cake in the others face it’s a good indication it won’t last because it’s rooted in humiliation,” a second wrote.

“I’m a wedding photographer, one of the weddings I did the groom slapped his step daughter at the reception. The divorced within a year,” a third added.

“I honestly think a big indicator is a huge, expensive wedding. Like they’re trying to put on a show for everyone, don’t care about their marriage,” a fourth commented.

“The last one is hard because you’re supposed to also be a good host. I spent my whole wedding running around making sure everyone was having fun,” someone wrote.

“Married 30 years. Hardly saw him at the wedding. We are confident in each other. No need to cling!” another disagreed.

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Source: TikTok

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