Weightlifter Power-Slammed Christian YouTuber Who Said Women Who Wear Yoga Pants At The Gym Are ‘Disgusting’

A 24-year-old Christian YouTuber recently created a controversy after he called women who wear yoga pants at the gym, ‘disgusting.’

Taking to his Twitter account, Big Nik said it’s annoying when he sees women dressed up like prostitutes at the gym.

“So disgusting when I see women dressed like prostitutes in the gym. You don’t have to wear spandex and yoga pants, there’s plenty other clothing. I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m in a strip club when I’m just trying to work on my health. It’s annoying,” he wrote.

Nik’s tweet went viral after his rude and highly judgmental take on Twitter, and thousands of people disagreed with him and called him out for making an offensive statement against women.

“Hey Nik, have you considered that they are just trying to be comfortable while they are working out? What would you prefer they wear? Jeans and a winter coat?” one person asked in comments.

However, the rapper still defended his statement and replied,

“Sweatpants exist. Normal shirts exist. They choose to wear tight clothing because they want men to lust after them because it gives them validation and it’s even a fetish for them.”

While some people asked him to gouge his eyes out, others opined that he should stop going to the gym if he cannot mind his own business.

“Not the edgy kid from Vine trying to tell women what to wear at the gym,” a second wrote.

“just mind your business,” a third said.

“Nik, you should work out at home if you can’t keep your eyes to yourself. Sweatpants are hot and sweaty, as the name implies, and women shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable because you can’t keep your eyes to yourself. HTH!” said another.

“Know what I hate? Having to see bearded men at the gym; those gross little hairs falling out of your face. But I keep my shtty opinions to myself, because how other people look, is no one’s business but their own,” someone wrote taunting Nik’s big beard.

“So, according to you, women shouldn’t wear actual workout clothes at the gym because you say so? Dude, no one cares what you think. This is misogyny at its finest. If you can’t get a date, it’s because this is you, bro,” another wrote.

“exiled background character for pervert Dobrik who makes Christian rap & ur worried about what people wear to the gym????? Pls,” someone said.

Among the critics, one person was Casey Johnston, a heavy weightlifter who wrote her own book on weightlifting.

She slammed the YouTuber and hurt his misogynistic ego by pointing out that he cannot even lift heavy weights in the gym while she has more power in her arms.

“I can lift more than you,” she wrote on Twitter slamming Nik’s tweet.

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