13 Weirdly Cute Things Men UNKNOWINGLY Do That Women Like

Men in their most unguarded moments do the cutest things of them all. There are certain things that men have no clue about that appeal to women. Women themselves often can’t figure out why they like such things in men.

Though, we all know you don’t like being adorable and instead would like to be a manly man. That is the kind of image you want to keep up, but trust us, these little weird, funny and subtle things are what makes us love you even more.

Here are the twenty things that make men all the more irresistible and utterly adorable.

1. When they roll up the long sleeves of their shirt. It just makes you insanely attractive.

2. When you hold a baby and do the baby talk. That sight is to die for! Every woman loves, simply loves, a man who is in touch with his nurturing and caring side. It shows a lot about a person.

3. When you tell them you have had a terrible day and they give the most absurd solutions to your problems. It really shows how much you want to help even though you have no clue how to! It is utterly cute. It makes us laugh and makes us forget about all our worries because we would rather make the most of the time we spend together!

4. When they don’t realise that we know they are staring at us. Makes us feel so much more important and worth that look. It makes us feel beautiful from within. So, basically you hold the power of making us feel beautiful, wanted and appreciated.

5. When they are extremely ticklish and can’t stop laughing. There is something about an in-controllable laughter that makes men so much hotter!

6. When they send you a really funny or cute message in the middle of your work day. You know they were thinking about you and you can’t stop smiling after! It really makes you feel loved and important. Something that women mostly ask for from their partners.

7. When you’re busy doing something and they suddenly hug you from behind. This is my most favorite thing. Surprises are great and such surprises make me feel like I am wanted and that he can’t stay away from me. The feeling is beyond amazing!

8. When you find them playing or being generous with a child when they think nobody’s really watching. A man with a kind heart is everything a woman wants!

9. When you put in extra effort to look your best and they’re so taken by how you look that all they can manage saying is WOW. Even after 20 years of marriage, if you compliment your woman, she is going to love it because even after 20 years of marriage or togetherness, women don’t really stop trying to look good. Always compliment her!

10. When they share an extremely intelligent fact. Women always fall for charmingly intelligent men!

11. When they make their first move to kiss you. Boys, just so you know, we can actually tell when you are thinking about making a move. It shows on your face and we find it cutely adorable. Also, it makes us blush.

12. When they show you their emotional side. It is stupid and not true, what they show in the movies, that women don’t like emotionally sensitive men. Women love them! As anyone who is more emotional would be more of everything towards her as well.

13. When they are obviously jealous but pretend like they don’t. When they try a thousand other reasons to tell us how someone, or something, that they are jealous of, would really not be great for us except the simple reason and the only reason, that they are jealous.

So, guys! Never stop doing these things that you feel would make you less attractive. They make you a lot more attractive and really attracts the right kind of women to your life!

Ladies, talk to me

What are the other habits that you find insanely attractive in your man? Let me know in the comments below!

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