What are the things that a strong woman should NEVER be apologetic for?

Even the strongest women in society sometimes get to face the Judgment of others on the basis of the decisions that they make. Of course, all of us have our weaknesses no matter how strong we are, we do sometimes give in. The problem comes when you believe that you owe someone an apology when your actions weren’t even wrong. That is not the case every time.

Sometimes, there are things over which you should just not apologize to people around you. Of course, it is important to fit into society and work according to the norms that you have been taught by your peers, but if it comes to your self-respect and your rules,В then many people believe that you should not apologize.

We have a list of cases in which you should know that if you’re not apologizing to the other party, then you are doing yourself a favor.

1. When you put yourself first:

Every strong woman knows that she needs to take care of herself. If Society wants you to compromise and consider others over your own feelings and emotions, then it is okay to go against them and take care of your own self. If people get angry at you for doing so, then there is no need to apologize. Because what you’re doing is for your own betterment. You are giving yourself the respect you deserve, and no one has the right to take that respect away from you which you have kept for your own self.

There will be times when society would expect you to change your priorities according to their demands. If you don’t do so, you might face a little bit of judgement, but do not be afraid because all you’re doing is for your own self and your mental well-being.

2. Making plans according to your choices and needs:

There was a study held in the 1970’s where it was found that women always need assistance in order to make their plans. Their decisions are usually according to the needs of the people around them. Their plans are never completely according to what they want for their own self. Nowadays, strong women make their own decisions and make their own plans. Which is why women should know that if they are making plans without the consent of people around them, then there’s nothing to be ashamed of or feel sorry about.

The reason behind this is when it’s your life and when you’re an independent woman, your maturity and your intellect would tell you what is right for you and what is not and if you make the decisions that are the best for you, then you do not need to apologize if someone gets offended by them. *Continue reading to next page*

3. Being open about your sex life:

In many societies, it is believed that women should not be open regarding their sexual life. This concept is not followed by many strong women and this is something to be happy about. There are many people who believe that it isn’t okay when within their society when a woman shows open-mindedness towards her sexual experiences and sex life. In that case, the woman should not be apologetic because sex is something natural. It is something through which people get comfort and pleasure, just to seek or fulfil their natural instincts a person should not be apologetic.

If people tell you that this is wrong, then all you have to do is tell them that they have their own opinions and you have your own, and our differences make us humans.

4. Being truthful about your thoughts:

There will be scenarios where society would want you to mould your thoughts according to their likes. People around you would want you to say things which would make them happy rather than represent your true self. Thoughts or your exact opinion won’t matter much to them. Sometimes, when people give their exact ideas to someone, others get offended and want you to change your opinion.

In that case, a strong and independent woman would not be apologetic and stay firm regarding her own beliefs, because your mind, thoughts and ideas are the best way to judge your true self. A strong and independent woman would not be ashamed of her ideas and her mind because that is what defines her and she is really proud of it. Therefore, if you are being criticized over your ideas then do not be apologetic.

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5. Saying no to the demands of others:

Some people tend to move a mile out of their way in order to please others, but there are some other people who are quite practical with their priorities and they are not ashamed in saying no to the demands of other people. It is a sign of strong and independent women that they do not feel sad when they say no do the unreasonable demands of others.

It is not necessary that the demands are unreasonable, even if it’s a normal demand or something which you just don’t want to do, then it’s okay to say no because you might have other things to do. There can be a hundred reasons due to which you may not be able to commit to something. It is better not to commit in the first place rather than not doing the work after committing to it.

We hope that all the strong and independent women out there know how it feels in such scenarios, and if you believe there are other things for which one shouldn’t apologize then feel free to share it with us.

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