What Does It Mean If A Man Says I Want You?

When a man says I want you, it means that he’s willing to spend his life with you. It means he’s genuinely in love with you, and he wants nothing more than to be with you. He loves everything about you; he has accepted your flaws with open arms, he’s not scared to tell the whole world about it. When he says I want you, he wants you to know that you’re the only one he needs, he wants you as a life partner, he wants you as a best friend, he wants you as a confidant. He wants to tell you how his day has been, he wants to know how yours was, he wants the nitty-gritty.

What Does It Mean If My Boyfriend Says, “I Want You”?

When your boyfriend says I want you, it means that he’s genuinely and madly in love with you. It means he sees the world in your eyes, his whole life revolves around being with you, and he wants to grow old with you. When he says he wants you, he means his dreams and goals have you in them. He wants to hold your hand and walk through the fires with you. He will withstand any storm life throws your way; he will stand side-by-side with you and always smile during the dark days.

When your partner says they want you, you should consider yourself a lucky human being. In today’s world, people are slowly moving farther away from emotions and romance. And if someone wants you, it means you’re important to them. It means you matter to them beyond any shadow of a doubt. It means you’re everything to them, and they need you to lead a successful and happy life. It means you’re one person, among billions, who is needed here. You should cherish the fact that someone loves you so madly and so profoundly, it’s a rarity in today’s world. When someone wants you, it means you matter.