What Does it Mean When A Gemini Man Comes Back?

when a gemini man comes back

When a Gemini man comes back, don’t make the same mistake again. It means he has given you another chance with all of his heart and soul. He doesn’t have any second thoughts, he knows what he wants, and he wants to move forward with you in life.

When a Gemini man comes back, don’t take it lightly. When a Gemini man is heartbroken, it takes a LOT of time for his emotions to heal and come back to normal. And after all of that trauma, if he comes back to you and forgives you, you should cherish that man.

Gemini’s element is Air, and its ruling planet is Mercury. They’re the most compatible with Aquarius and Sagittarius. But that doesn’t mean a Gemini man isn’t compatible with the other signs. Geminis are some of the most emotional and loving Zodiac signs of them all. Their love knows no bounds. They will give their relationship everything they have and wouldn’t have a single regret about it. They’d do anything for the one they love, and it shows.

A Gemini man is the kind of guy who’ll wake you up for breakfast and take you out. He’s the kind of man who’ll get you flowers for no reason. A Gemini man’s love is amazing; he will show you what true love means and how love is shared with someone. He will make you think about love in a new and much brighter light. A Gemini man is a sensitive individual, and he knows how vital someone’s emotions are to them. He would think twice before intentionally doing anything that would remotely end up hurting you.

And when a Gemini man leaves, it’s not easy to get him back. But if he comes back, do everything you can to keep him. It means he still has the same trust for you that he used to. He is ready to try it with you again; he doesn’t mind giving it another shot as long as it means he’ll get to love you. It’s because his love for you is much stronger than the pain he felt, and he would do anything to get it back.

If you’ve hurt a Gemini man, here’s a simple little guide on how to fix things.

How to get a Gemini man back?

A Gemini man, as stated earlier, is an emotional human being. If he’s hurt, give him time to recover. Let him know it was a mistake, it won’t happen again, and you are sorry. Honest apologies go a long way; they’re always remembered. Tell him how much he means to you and that you still love him. Tell him you’d do anything to fix things and bring everything back to how it used to be.


A Gemini man is going to give in eventually. He respects emotions too much to keep watching you throw them at him. He will catch them soon enough. Don’t give up and work on the relationship.

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  1. My gemini man had been hurt from past till he said his heart is dead. He jst focus towards his career, daughter and family. He refused to be serious with me at the same time he does not want to let me go. For him, I can’t live without him. I told him that we don’t have to meet anymore for intimacy. We can meet up for businezs purposes only and he reluctant.

  2. they are misunderstood. i’m a gemini rising. i also have severe adhd. and there are some clear connections. a gemini is pretty much adhd as a zodiac sign. that’s how you need to look at it. they aren’t two faced or have multiple personalities- it’s all the same personality but it’s a coping mechanism. it’s how we protect ourselves from harm and emotions of the unknown.. it’s not that we don’t like commitment- we do, many look for it. but like people with adhd we can’t be sat down and told not to get up for a walk. biggest tip if ur going for a gemini- LOOK UP ADHD! learn about it. it will help lots!

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