What Does it Mean When a Girl Says She’s Thirsty?

when a girl says she's thirsty

When a girl says she’s thirsty, it can mean multiple things. It’s 2020; thirsty isn’t a simple word anymore. We have found so many new ways to be vocal about how we feel; we have new forms of expression. When she says she’s thirsty, it entirely depends on the situation and person she’s talking to. I am going to take a look at what it means when she says she’s thirsty.

In the raunchy sense – she wants you.

When a girl you’re dating says she’s thirsty and looks at you in a very leading way, it means she’s leading you on and is flirting with you. She wants you, and she needs you to know that. She is someone who knows what she wants and when she wants it. She isn’t afraid of being open about her needs and emotions in life. She is telling you, quite simply, that she wants to be physical with you. It’s one of the most open ways to express your feelings to someone, and she just expressed hers to you. I think it’s a good thing when a woman is vocal about her wants in life.

In the literal sense – she’s quenched.

When a woman isn’t in a relationship with you – she’s a friend from work or an everyday friend, she means she wants to quench her thirst in the literal sense. When a woman says she’s thirsty, and she wants to drink water, be a kind human being, and offer water. It’s always the right thing to do to be a kind and caring human being.

It’s always important to pay attention to expressions and words; it’s vital to know what someone is trying to say before you go on and come to a conclusion about them.

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