When A Girl Texts You First, It Matters


When a girl texts you first, it means she has some inclination towards you – whether romantic or friendly. We can’t only say it means she’s madly in love with you because it doesn’t. It can mean that she’s interested in the kind of person you are, it means she wants to talk to you, among a lot of other things.

Scenario – you met a girl you’re interested in, you two hit it off and exchanged numbers. And you guys haven’t started texting yet, and she begins by texting you first. When a girl texts you first, it means she had a good time with you. It points to the fact that she enjoyed being around you, and she wants to continue the vibe by texting. She’s sparking a conversation, don’t hurt her by taking too long to reply.

If someone is showing any interest in you – whether friendly or romantically, you shouldn’t make them wait on purpose. It doesn’t indicate that you’re essential or busy; it just shows you don’t care enough. When a girl texts you first, you should give her your time by texting her back and making the conversation go forward. Who knows what this could bud into? But you’ll never know until you speak (text) about it.

What does it mean when a woman texts you first?


When a woman texts you first, it tells you she wants to get to know you more than she already does. She wants to see where it can go from here. Engage in a meaningful conversation with that woman; you’re not going to regret it.

When a woman texts you first, she is telling you she can take time out for you. In today’s busy world, that is something you should cherish. Don’t ignore a woman who is paying attention to you; she’s a gem and should be appreciated.

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