What Does it Mean When a Guy Hugs you Goodbye?

when a guy hugs you goodbye

Question: Hey Relationship Rules! I’ve been friends with this guy who has this special hug for us when he says goodbye. What does it mean when a guy hugs you goodbye? Thanks!”

Hugs are important. When we hug someone, we exchange a lot of happy vibes through that simple gesture. I, personally, think we should embrace our friends and loved ones every single day. When a guy hugs you goodbye, it means he cares about you, and you’re a close friend to him. It may even mean a bit more.

When a guy hugs you goodbye, it shows a lot of affection and kindness. He is close to you, and he wishes you a pleasant time ahead. When a guy hugs you goodbye, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has “feelings” for you. Hugging is shared among friends and couples alike. It doesn’t put a tag on anyone.

When a guy hugs you goodbye, it shows he is a well-wisher and someone who thinks of you. He is someone who’s going to be there when you’re going through tough times in life. He’s going to be around, to be a good friend throughout the cycle of life.

When we hug someone we are close with; our bodies release Oxytocin – a hormone that makes us feel happy and content inside. It also decreases general anxiety. When a guy hugs you goodbye, he’s sharing that happy moment with you without necessarily having any feelings involved. But, it also depends on the hug. If he hugs you more passionately, that could reveal some feelings he has for you. But that’s very subjective, and that’s not our question of the day.

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