What Does it Mean When a Taurus Man Kisses You?

Question: “My boyfriend is Taurus, he is very affectionate and loves to kiss me on the cheek and forehead all day! What are your thoughts on when a Taurus man kisses you?”

Taurus – the bull. As one of the Earth signs, Taurians are some of the most passionate and grounded people among the rest of the Zodiac signs. When you’re in a relationship with a Taurus man, it’s going to be a romantic one. He will show his love for you by kissing you all the time, every chance he gets. A Taurus man is highly expressive in his ways, and he is an emotional man. He will talk to you about his feelings without a worry in the world.

MEANING: When a Taurus man kisses you, it means he is madly in love with you. He adores you; he wouldn’t want life any other way. Your Taurus man wants you to know that he needs you in his life; he can’t do this without you. You are his equal partner, and he loves you with all of his soul. Your Taurus man has the most passionate way of kissing you, and when he kisses you, he is openly and lovingly expressing the deep and profound emotions he feels towards you as his better half.

When a Taurus man kisses you, it means he’s not afraid of showing his love towards you. Taurians are very strong with emotions. When they love someone, they love them till the end. They will do everything they can to keep their partner happy and satisfied in life. Taurus men are very caring and respectful of their partner’s emotions. When a Taurus man kisses you, he is showing his pure feelings for you.

What to do when a Taurus man kisses you in a relationship?

He is telling you that you are loved, adored, and protected in his heart. You don’t have to be scared of anything or anyone. He will stand side by side with you through all of the good and the bad of life. When a Taurus man has feelings for you, he will support you every step of the way. He is an emotional guy who loves to show his emotions. You should appreciate the fact that he is someone who loves to be expressive and romantic.

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  1. Im with my first Taurean man, and have bad relationships in the past, so have been single for 4 years until now. This Taurean man is exactly what I have been waiting for my whole life!! Your description of his kisses and communication of his deep love and his desire to support me is…Spot on!!

  2. I have a wonderful Taurean man in my life that I absolutely adore!
    I’m a virgo – Libra cusp and we are the perfect match that has created this beautiful world together, I would say everything you said about the bull is right.

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