What Does it Mean When Your Belly Button Hurts?

when your belly button hurts

First of all, if your belly button hurts, please see a doctor immediately.

Belly button pain is something a lot of my friends have experienced in their lives. This is going to be a little research piece on why it happens and how to take care of it.

MEANING: When your belly button hurts, it could be for a number of very common reasons, or it could be a bit more serious. Indigestion causes bloating, which may end up causing some pain to your belly button. It could also be for a more serious reason – a hernia. In that case, you should immediately see a doctor and get yourself checked out.

When your belly button hurts on pressing, it means there’s some underlying problem to deal with. Don’t look it up online and go to your nearest physician/doctor and get all of your proper tests done. Your health is the most important thing you have, do not forget that. Always keep your health above everything else in life. If you experience any discomfort, you should pay attention to it. If it hurts, get it checked.

When your belly button hurts, you shouldn’t panic, but you should be concerned about yourself. Panicking never solves anything; it’s not going to fix this either. All you need to do is take a few deep breaths and then go to your nearest hospital or doctor to get your belly button checked thoroughly for any underlying issues that may or may not be present; it doesn’t hurt to be safe.

For a more medicinal and health-related article, check out HealthLine’s piece here.

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Talk to me

Have you experienced belly button pain in your life? What did you do to fix it? Talk to me in the comments below, and share your thoughts!

Disclaimer: This is not a medical blog and I’m not a doctor. If you are experiencing any sort of pain you should immediately see a medical professional.

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