What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Wears Your Clothes?

If your ex still wears your clothes, it means they haven’t moved on from you yet. It’s a preeminent sign of being stuck in the breakup. Some men have a hard time moving on, and they still keep some items of their ex in their possession because they don’t want to forget them altogether.

If they still have your clothes and wear them, it means they still care very deeply about you and are still in some pseudo-relationship with you. It’s not healthy, but it’s what their hearts tell them. We all deal with breakups differently.

Moving on is different from person to person. Some people find it easier to move; others take months or even years to move on from a breakup completely.

Some breakups are so traumatizing that the breakup leaves a lasting impression on them, forever.

If you still care about them, even a little, you need to ask them to move on. Help them move on if you can. Make them understand why the relationship would have never worked out.

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Still Texts You?

When your ex still texts you, it means they still care about you. They worry about you, and they want to know how you’re doing in life. They haven’t moved on from you; they still think of you in the same light as before. You may have found someone new, but they haven’t.

They have stayed in the same spot in their hearts with you. A lot of people tell me it’s widespread for exes to text after breaking up, it’s natural. I don’t buy that. You’re either emotional with someone, or you’re not. That’s it. If you’ve been emotional with someone, there will always be that soft spot in your hearts and minds for them.

So if your ex still texts you from time to time, it means they’re not over you, and they want to see if you’ll ever be open to giving it a shot again.

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