What it means to be a girl who cares and loves too much

I’ve been always someone who has loved beyond any limits. There is no middle ground for me. I either Love too much or I am this really distant person.

There are many people out there who are exactly like me, who have been genetically predisposed with this inherent urge to love that they can’t help themselves. They can’t help caring for someone and sacrificing their own needs and happiness for someone else.

It’s because Loving is all they’ve been programmed to do and if they do anything contrary to that, their whole body will defy them and it will be anarchy.

The price I had to pay for being a girl who cares too much

It’s hard to be a girl who loves too much because humans have a habit of taking girls like that for granted and they only understand their worth once they retreat to their dormant states where they become this totally different person. This behavioral adaptation is something the world should expect because the way this world treats them and rips them apart into little pieces. This quote pretty much sums up our situation.

You cannot create a monster and then condemn it. Hate its ugly features, its terrible gait. When I look into the mirror, I do not see myself But all of you who made me.

What do people like us have to go through?

All of this happened to me and there were times when I used to look in the mirror and stare at myself. I used to look through my eyes and I could see a person. I always thought that this person inside me deserved better and that I was holding her back. – Continue reading on next page

I was a deterrent to her progress. I was naГЇve. I was unaware of the fact that that person was a part of me. If I am not, then she ceases to exist. I was letting all this self-hatred consume me.

It was all because of some guy who couldn’t comprehend my love; a guy who had it all easy; A guy who thought that my un-ending care for him was something ordinary. Something you can just get for a couple of bucks in a grocery store. He had me believing the same things. He had me believing that maybe my loves was cheap and ordinary.

The question is, is it right to fall into this dormant state of self-hatred? Absolutely not! We should never give anyone the gift of hating them. What’s worse is that we hate ourselves for being this extremely rare and unique person who has been blessed with an endless supply of love.

We should never apologize for being ourselves. If a tiny root of Self-hatred springs in your body, we should uproot it.

I’m not here to preach about love. We all have our definitions of love, but deep down we all know that people who think that they do not deserve love waste their potential. Just because they’ve been hurt and gone through terrifying things in their life, these experiences make them skeptical about love.

You are a girl with a big heart and you’re restraining your heart inside a cage. You’re lost inside it and you’re denying it. You’re denying that you’re not broken and you don’t need fixing. You know that if someone tries to fix you again, he’ll do a temporary job and ultimately end up messing you up more.

Don’t blame yourself for who you are!

The only thing you are doing is defying your inherent power to love.

What’s a life in which you do not take risks? When I look back, I barely remember my good times; I’m not proud of them. I’m proud of the times when I was standing on the line that abuts life and death and I survived. I didn’t just survive but I lived on. I got hurt multiple times but I never lost the power to love myself. At least, after all that, I still had someone to love myself. Myself!В – Continue reading on next page

Trust me, caring and loving too much is not a disease. It’s not something you should unlearn. It’s something you should hold on to for the rest of your life and try to use it on people who actually deserve it. You don’t really think that you’re all alone in this world? There are people out there who can relate to you and have the exact same ability of caring too much. They will understand you and restore your faith in humanity.

Even if things badly, it was because the other person couldn’t live with whom you are. You are someone who loves too much and they couldn’t handle it. They couldn’t understand it. Maybe the timing was wrong. Maybe they hadn’t met someone like you before and they couldn’t figure out your worth. Someday, you’ll find someone who accepts you for who you are. So please, don’t change yourself just because this world breaks you. This entire world will try to break you down.

The trick to living forever is living with yourself. There is no compromise on that. You should not apologize to yourself or anyone for who you are. I’m a girl who loves too much and I’m proud because even If I’ve been hurt countless times, I’ve instilled optimism and happiness in lives of so many people. Not many people have the courage to do that after all the years of rejection and pain.

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Are you someone who cares too much? Have you ever been badly hurt because of this? Please share your stories! We would love to help you out.

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