What Men Really Mean When They Call You “Cute, Sexy Or Beautiful”

It’s about as simple as it gets!

Every man is wired in a different way, if there are 50 shades of grey, imagine how many shades of men there might be out there. Women have different preferences too; one of my friends didn’t want to be called sexy by her partner. Not sure if that’s a plus or negative but she wanted to be her own person and didn’t want to be judged under the community standards of sexy. I, on the other hand, love being called sexy by my partner. See, if I am sad or not feeling myself, I want to be called cute. If I am happy and jumpy, I love to be called sexy and If we are surrounded by hot women, he’d rather call me beautiful. Does that make any sense to you?

Coming back to men, they have moods too you know, plus there is the age factor. After getting to know my partner well, I now know that men are not like planks and they don’t exactly mean what they say all the time. There might be a deeper hidden meaning to what they say.

1. Cute is about as plain as it gets

Imagine how you would feel if a man you don’t know comes up to you, says that you are sexy without striking a conversation and then gives you a creepy smile. Here is the outcome of what a normal woman’s mind would process out of the given situation.

  • Omg, what a pervert, really? We don’t even know one another and this is what you have to say? Maybe I should check if he is a listed sex offender.
  • This man has no respect for women whatsoever, the nerve he had to walk up to me and call me sexy at my face, ugh, I can do better than that.

Men sometimes might call you cute when they don’t want you to feel intimidated. That’s it girls, don’t fret about being cute, cute is a good thing. It means that the guy is finally breaking the ice! Here is how the order goes. Cute, Sexy and then comes Beautiful.

2. You need to understand the hidden meaning of sexy

Many of you may think that when a man calls or considers you sexy, you might have a banging physique or he might find the way you dress very attractive. Well, hold on to your horses because sexy is more than that, my man says sexy is when a woman knows what to say, she could look you in the eye and get away with murder. It’s the way she sits and presents herself to society.

Sexy is far above of what we perceive it to be. Sexy isn’t just physical, it’s something in the soul. Sexy is a woman with strength, someone who can raise children, work and handle a man all at the same time. She will respect everyone because she knows she is above people that demean others to feel good about themselves. Sexy is murdering a man without killing him!

3. This word actually has a lot more depth to it than you think it does

This is the one with the deepest meaning; a man will only find a woman “beautiful” if he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. According to my partner, beautiful is the perfect combination of cute and sexy. God created everything, but a woman gives life on earth, she is the representation of the most beautiful relations. Every woman is beautiful, for what she stands for. A man will know this better than anyone else. It’s not only my partner, any man with ideals will think of beauty in the same way. “Beautiful” is a term used by men, when you are so god damn amazing that it hurts!

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