What to do when your girlfriend asks for a break

What would you do if she asked for a break?

Many people come across this certain phase in their relationship where their partner asks for a break or for some space. The relationship between a girlfriend and a boyfriend is so intimate that when either one of them asks for some space, things get a little messy. It might cause a huge shock to those who think that nothing can harm their relationship and their partner cannot live without them. In such a case, one may not know what to do and some people may end up reacting in a way that leads to completely destroying their relationship.

The best thing to do at initial stages is to stay calm, stay cool and relax. We end up giving the worse reactions in such situations because we don’t think at all. Impulsively, we do things which can make our partner want something more than just space.

Now, most of the men feel that they are the victims when their girlfriend asks for a break. They start to think that maybe there is someone else in her life but that might not be the case. Sometimes things can be different because too much attachment and intimacy can sometimes annoy some people who is why they may end up needing a break or some space.

This break or space is usually required for a very small period of time which is why one needs to take it positively. There can be another reason and that is that the girl is slowly trying to detach herself from the bond that she has with her man. In either case the best thing to do is to stay calm in order to understand what the main reason is. After finding the main reason, reactions may vary from person to person but even in that case the best thing to do is to understand and listen.

There are a few things that one can do if their girlfriend asks them for some space. These things include:

1. Listen carefully and try your best to understand

If you listen carefully, then there is a fair possibility that you find the actual reason. It is important for you as well as your girl because she may be going through some very serious emotional problems which she is ashamed to share with you therefore easier for you understand her situation.

At the same time, make sure that you are emotionally stable and the entire situation is not bothering you to an irreversible extent. Reacting aggressively and being unreasonable will only worsen the situation.

2. State the facts and rules

This means that you should tell her what the consequences will be. Do not make the potential consequences sound so hard for her because it may make her decisions biased. If you are ready to give her the space that she wants which you should, you should tell her the rules and the facts.

These facts and rules include the distance that you will maintain in the time of giving her space. Similarly it will also include a few differences that she may experience after she decides that she doesn’t need space anymore. – Continue reading on next page

3. Make sure you are not being kept as a stand-by option

If your partner is in love with another person, then make sure that when they ask you for some space, you make it clear to them that if this is the case then you are not ready to be a standby option. Usually in such cases, the girlfriend wants her real boyfriend to stay there while she finds out whether the other guy is good enough for her or not.

If the other guy is good enough, she might leave her real boyfriend for him and if he is not good enough for her then she stays with her boyfriend. So in order to save yourself from being a back-up plan, make sure you find out what is actually happening so you finish everything in time.

4. If you feel like there is someone else, try breaking it off yourself

If you feel like your girlfriend is just sick of you or the entire scenario leads to just one conclusion and that is a breakup, then try your best to be the first one to break it off. It does not mean that it would make you the better one or in other words the ˜cooler’ one in the relationship by taking this step but in fact you can be the one who would make things easier for the both of you.

Sometimes, asking for some space or some break is the first step towards an actual break up. This is the reason why we believe that you should be the first one to make things easier and tell your partner that it’s ok and you can break up now.

5. Work a little on your own self as well

Make sure that you keep yourself sane and do not let the whole scenario damage you emotionally. No matter what happens in life, we have to take care of our own selves. In such a situation where there is a fair possibility of you having a mental breakdown, it is better that you take very good care of yourself and consider yourself as your top priority.

If there are other ways in your mind which may help a person in such a situation then feel free to share them with us.

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