What To Text Your Ex-Boyfriend If You Can’t Move On

3 days no text from him

Question – what to text your ex-boyfriend?

Love is usually not very simple for most of us; the same goes for moving on and getting over a breakup. Sometimes, our emotions just don’t let us move on. No matter how hard we try, our feelings keep coming back – even after trying for the longest time. This is where we need to entertain the idea of maybe trying to have another go at things, try to talk things out, and start a new relationship. In such cases, it’s always good not to seem too desperate and needy. You need to always, ALWAYS, keep your dignity and respect above everything else in life.

This article is going to be about what to text your ex-boyfriend if you want to make an impact. Let’s begin.

1. Texts about health.

what to text your ex boyfriend

Being kind is something that will never be forgotten. Ask him how his health has been, it’ll make him think of you in a positive light. Even if you don’t get a well-versed or good reply out of it, it will stay in his mind for a long time. And it may evolve into an emotion that makes him text you back like his usual self.

2. Gentle reminders of happy moments.

what to text your ex boyfriend

There’s nothing better than sharing a meaningful memory with someone; there’s always something that links two people together no matter how many problems they have between them. Talk to him about the sweetest memory you can remember the two of you sharing; it will make him think of how you pay attention to the things that matter more in life.

3. Text him about his family.

what to text your ex boyfriend

Family, for most of us, is always going to be important. My ex came back and asked how my family was doing; it genuinely put a massive smile on my face. That one act of kindness is something I still remember to this day. Moral of the story, be kind.

4. Text him about your emotions.

what to text your ex boyfriend

When we remind someone of the sheer passion we felt for them, it has a massive effect on them – regardless of whether they show it or not. Tell him about how he made you think about how the sound of his voice used to make you happy, tell him about the emotions that he admired, and adored.

5. Text him about solving fights.

what to text your ex boyfriend

We, as human beings, are problem-solvers in nature. And if we can come together and find solutions to our problems, a lot of the issues of the world wouldn’t be happening today. Text him about why you two couldn’t work out, what the problem was, and how you worked on it and want to make a difference.

6. Text him about your trip together.

what to text your ex boyfriend

All long-term couples have traveled together at least once in their relationships. There’s always that one vacation or trip that will make you smile because of how sweet and memorable it was. Talk about that trip, remind him of how the two of you had the time of your lives without a worry in the world. Remind him of those meaningful little moments the two of you shared during that trip. Travel memories make the strongest of bonds.

7. Text him about the romance you shared.

what to text your ex boyfriend

Of course, romance is always going to be remembered, no matter how hard we try. I still remember the romance I shared with my first girlfriend from 14 years ago. It doesn’t hold any emotional value, but it’s still there. Nobody forgets romance. Text him about how amazing your romance was and how beautiful he made you feel. Tell him about the way he used to flirt with you, tell him about every little detail of your fantastic romance.

8. Text him about how important he is to you.

what to text your ex boyfriend

Remember how I said we couldn’t seem desperate? This is where we make sure of it. Of course, when you’re trying to get an ex back, you need to tell them of how important they still are to you. But to do this without seeming too needy, you need to be a little careful with your words.

Here are a few examples of what you should text him:

1. I just wanted you to know that I’m still very thankful for everything you’ve done for me.

2. You’re one of the few people who believed in me, thank you for being yourself.

3. I was thinking about how happy we used to be together; I don’t have any regrets.

Here are a few examples of what you should not text him:

1. I want us to get back together, please.

2. I miss you, and I want to be with you again. And I’m sorry.

3. Will you take me back?

9. Text him about the special bond you shared.

what to text your ex boyfriend

Lastly, you should text him about the unique and special bond that only the two of you shared. It’s one of those few essential things that we can’t replicate with anyone else, no matter how hard we try. So give importance to the bond you shared and put it out there in the spotlight for him to remember and think of going back to.

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