What Turns You Off The Most Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What’s your biggest turn-off?

Aries (March 21 April 19)

You are absolutely turned off by control freaks. You don’t like to be around people who always want to be in full control of the situation. You see them as people who are not adaptive and who are unreceptive of new ideas. You don’t want to be bound by that kind of overbearing personality in a relationship. You always prefer to be free and you don’t like to feel suffocated.

Taurus (April 20 May 21)

You hate drama. You are a no nonsense kind of person and you like to carry that aspect of your personality into your relationships as well. You don’t like it when people let their feelings or emotions get the best of them. You aren’t a fan of complex or complicated storylines and you don’t like to participate in dramatic ventures. You also absolutely hate dishonesty and being lied to.

Gemini (May 22 June 21)

The biggest turn off for you is someone who is a little too tightly wound. You are a free spirit who likes to go around and have fun. You love to let loose and just relieve the stresses brought about by life and this harsh world. That’s why you hate it whenever a person holds you back from being who you really are a person who seeks fun and enjoyment at every opportunity. 

Cancer (June 22 July 22)

You tend to veer away from the overconfident and the arrogant people. It really turns you off when people are feeling entitled and overly proud. You hate it whenever people think they are deserving of the things that they haven’t earned. You also get very turned off by selfish behavior. You don’t like it when people are only thinking of themselves and not of the people they are surrounded by.

Leo (July 23 August 22)

With your personality, it’s only natural for you to avoid people who are too negative and pessimistic. Your biggest turn off is the people who always seem to find the bad in every situation. Like the Cancer, you also don’t like to be around people who are overly selfish because you are a little selfish yourself. As a Leo, you are proud and you need to be the one who has the spotlight

Virgo (August 23 September 22)

The absolute deal breaker for you when it comes to romantic partnerships is when something is just a mess. You don’t like to clean up after other people and you really can’t take it whenever you’re around a downright slob. You think that all people should always take responsibility for their own cleanliness and how they present themselves to the world. 

Libra (September 23 October 22)

You don’t like drama. You don’t like confrontations. You don’t like conflicts. You always want to be surrounded by peace and harmony. That’s why your biggest turn off is someone who is combative, rebellious, and confrontational by nature. You don’t want any unnecessary drama to seep into your life. 

Scorpio (October 23 November 22)

Liars and cheaters. These are the two types of people that you have no room in your life for. Once you find out that a person is being dishonest or unfaithful to you, then you are automatically done with that person. There’s just no negotiating with you when it comes to that. 

Sagittarius (November 23 December 21)

You always crave for a shakeup in life. You aren’t one who is fond of routines or predictability. That’s why your biggest turn off is someone who turns out to be an absolute bore. You are only interested in people who are able to surprise you. You hate it whenever people are a little monotonous with regards to how they live life. 

Capricorn (December 22 January 20)

You can’t be in a relationship with people who think a little too highly of themselves. You can’t possibly compromise yourself in that respect. You would be absolutely miserable to be with someone whose ego is a little too big for you to handle. Your biggest turn off is someone who is just a tad too overconfident and proud.

Aquarius (January 21 February 18)

You value self-dependence and self-reliance above all things in the world. That’s why your biggest turn off is someone who can’t seem to be independent. You have no room for people in your life who are only looking to leech off of your own hard work and perseverance. You don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is too clingy, needy, and dependent. 

Pisces (February 19 March 20)

Intolerance is something that you could never tolerate, ironically speaking. You only ever want to associate with people who are receptive of opposing opinions. You don’t want to be with someone who is closeminded and downright dismissive of others. 

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