What Your Body Parts Say About Your Inner Self

Naturally, the construction of your overall physical body is based on your DNA and you don’t necessarily get to decide how you look outside of weight fluctuations and plastic surgery. The way your body turns out to be isn’t really dependent on how you want to look in the first place. However, you should know that a lot of what makes up your physical appearance actually says a lot of what your personality is truly like. There are a few studies out there that suggest that your genes actually determine a lot of things about how your life is going to turn out. In addition to that, how your genes are made up actually help shape how you see the world.

It turns out that there a few things you can learn about your personality based entirely on how you look.  A lot of us are familiar with the idea of looks being deceiving. However, if you really know the facts, then you will do a better job at reading and handling the people that you’re with. You will find that the way a person looks says a lot about how they really are on the inside.

1. Long noses tend to signify ambitiousness and zeal.

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People who have long noses are known to be very hardworking. They are the types of people who always dream big. They never really shy away from going after what they want. They are constantly striving to be better. They are sheer perfectionists and they never like to settle for mediocrity.

2. Pointy noses are signs of financial acumen.

People who have pointy noses are known to be very financially intelligent and responsible. They are known to give great financial advice to a lot of people. You should be willing to trust the financial management of other people.

3. Big nostrils indicate someone who is extravagant.

And on the other side of the spectrum, while people who have pointy noses are very financially responsible, people with big nostrils are terrible at handling money. They are terrible at saving and they tend to get themselves into a lot of trouble financially.

4. Long faces show intelligence and intellect.

A study that was conducted and published by Plos One Journal back in 2014 shows that people with long faces exhibited a higher intellectual capacity than others. In addition to that, it was also found out that people who had narrower faces had a higher emotional quotient. Lastly, people who had very wide faces tended to be less emotional – they were also found to be more successful in accomplishing life goals.


5. Eyes are windows to the soul.

It turns out that eyes really are the windows to the soul – and there’s real scientific data that can back that statement up. Orebro University in Sweden actually conducted an experiment that involved the participation of over 400 subjects. The experiment aimed to conclude whether a person’s eyes could reveal an individual’s personality. The study found that people with big brown eyes are just natural leaders.

These are very smart individuals who never shy away from taking command of whatever situation that they’re in. They also tend to be more mysterious and secretive about their lives. People with light blue eyes are known to be emotionally strong. They are the ones who are capable of handling difficult moments and phases in life very well. They are also incredibly competitive and they hate the feeling of losing. And on top of that, they are known to be physically stronger than most others as well.

6. Lips aren’t just for talking.

You can be saying so much more with your lips than just words. You can be revealing a lot of things about your personality with how your lips are shaped on your face. Did you even know that your lips’ cracks and wrinkles are unique only to you? They work just like fingerprints. An expert face reader named Jean Haner has found that a person’s lips can reveal what they are like in relationships.

Someone with medium-sized lips tends to be someone who is more independent and serious in a relationship. People who have larger lips are more nurturing. They are the ones who REALLY like to be taking care of their partners in relationships. People with wider lips are more generous in relationships. They are also more adventurous and they like to go out more. Lastly, people with thin lips are very competitive and they don’t typically play with others too well.


7. Talk to the hand.

The American Academy of Hand Analysis has concluded that how your hand is shaped can actually tell an interesting story about your personality – particularly with how far your fingers are from one another. If your fingers are far apart, that means you are brave and adventurous. And if your fingers are closer together, you are more calculated and well-organized.

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