When A Woman Is Tired of Fighting For you, She Won’t Waste Another Second On You

When she loves you, she will love you with all her heart.

A woman who truly loves you will love you with all her heart and soul. She will fearlessly give you her all, she will show you her true self, she will not hide the depths of her soul from you. When she loves you, you come first, before anyone and nothing else. A woman protects and nurtures her love for a man with a kind of fierceness that no one other than her can possess. The sacrifices she’s capable of making for you and only you will open your eyes to how real and pure her love for you is.

A woman like that will become your strength. She will be your rock when you feel you’re breaking down. She will be your shoulder to cry on, your haven. She will shine her light on your best when you can’t believe in yourself, she will become your reason to stand on your feet again. She will let you find the comfort in her that you might have struggled to find in yourself and in others for all this time. She will let you have her, completely. She will be all yours. Her arms will become your home.

Her tender loving will shelter you from the world. Her embrace will give you the peace of mind that you’ve been running after and when you touch her, you will feel like everything is fine as long as she’s there beside you. But, when you screw up, if you dare to take what she has given you for granted, she will take it away from you just as passionately as she gave it to you.

Because she is strong enough to place her heart in your hands when she’s in love with you, she is also strong enough to take it back from you and walks away from you. Don’t make the mistake of being frivolous about her emotions When she realizes she’s done with you, this girl will not compromise as you’d expect her to and before you know it, she will be out the door, never to return. Nothing you tell her, nothing you do can do can bring her back to you. If you betray her trust, if you prove to her that she was wrong to have believed in you and thought that you were deserving of her love, she will turn her back on you and you will never so much as see her again. She will not be afraid to leave you like she wasn’t scared of loving you.

The kind of love she had for you is not something that can come and go. It is special, and it’s rare, her heart can not go through a painful blow of betrayal only to be full of love for you again, as if nothing went wrong. She believes in her love, in her capability of making the man she ends up with happy and that’s why she won’t bother with you the moment you make her feel like she’s replaceable, like you can go on just fine without her. The bravery and decisiveness with which she moves away from you and cut you out her life will amaze you.

She will want to move on if you’re under the impression that will want you to just be with her even if you’re someone she doesn’t deserve then know that she will want nothing but to move on when you let her down.
When she took a chance on you, she knew it wouldn’t be easy, it would be far from perfect, but she never stopped believing that she deserves a man who will give back who will love her harder than ever because that’s how she’d love him. She doesn’t demand perfection, she can live with your flaws, but she can’t live with being made to feel like a game you’re having fun playing.

When she sees that you’ve laid to waste the love she gave you instead of holding it close to your heart and treasuring it, she will make sure you never find her next to you, by your side ever again. Breaking ties with someone she loved so selflessly may not be the easiest thing for her to do but she will go ahead and do it anyway. She will know she must expect it to be hurtful and damaging but she knows what to choose when she must choose between the pain of a breakup over loving someone who can’t do the same for her. It’s easier to end a bond that is mostly one-sided than to keep going on with it.

She will choose to be alone, to not love again if that’s what it is going to take but she’s never going to stand in front you with her soul entirely naked to get only half of you in return. That’s not enough for her. A woman won’t continue to fight for you when she realizes she’s done and it’s time for her leave.

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