When A Woman Tells You About Her Problems, It Doesn’t Mean She’s Complaining; It Means She Trusts You

When you decide to open up about your feelings and emotions to someone, there is always a slight chance that that person is going to take advantage of your insecurity and vulnerability. That’s why you shouldn’t really be annoyed when a woman is opening up to you about her problems, worries, feelings, or emotions. She’s just letting you know for sure that she trusts you; and that she always relies on you to be there for her. It shows that she trusts you enough to actually be open and emotionally available to you.

As human beings, we are all social creatures. We are always going to crave for the love, attention, and support of other people. We are always going to want to feel a certain sense of acceptance from those who are closest to our hearts. We all need other people to support us whenever we are at our most vulnerable. We need the help of others to get back up after we’ve been knocked down. We need the people we love to comfort us when we’re going through difficult times. We need the encouragement and motivation from those we trust to push through all the hurdles that life may throw our way. We always want to know that we’re needed to a certain degree.

It can be a really scary experience to open yourself up to another person. You never know how they’re going to receive you. You never know how they might react to whatever it is you have to say. So, please do take that into consideration when she’s opening herself up to you. Know that she’s absolutely terrified, but she trusts you enough to take that leap anyway. She’s essentially allowing you to see right through her. She’s allowing you to just open her up and peer into her insides. She’s letting you into the parts of her heart that no one else has ever been to before. She is telling you things that she has never uttered out loud to any other human being. She feels so comfortable around you that she is able to just be her true and authentic self to you – even if she knows that you might judge her for it. She trusts you enough to know that you are the one person in the world who could bring her absolute happiness. She knows that it’s weird for her to find happiness in another person, but she knows that you NEVER fail to make her happy.

So don’t fail her now. Don’t betray her trust. Don’t make her feel like she was wrong for trusting you in the first place. Don’t make her feel like it was a mistake for her to open herself up to you. It’s going to break her. It’s going to destroy her. It’s going to devastate her. It’s going to make her feel worthless and invalidated. It’s going to make her feel like she isn’t really a person of value in this world.

There are going to be some people in this life who won’t be so in touch with their emotions that it would be impossible for them to open up in any capacity. These are the kinds of people who just really aren’t all that fond of emotionality at all. However, there are certain people who can get really deep with their feelings and emotions. These are the people who get really scared and vulnerable a lot. These are the people who are constantly being forced outside of their comfort zones and nets of safety.

Know that she is fully aware of the fact that she is taking a chance every time she opens up to you. She knows that she is putting herself in a position of extreme weakness every time she lets you in. She is giving you so much power over her. But she can’t help but do so. She feels that connection that exists between the two of you. She knows that there is a certain bond there. She knows that the two of you are clicking somewhat, and she hopes that she isn’t wrong.

So don’t villainize her for wanting to open up to her about her problems and worries. Don’t make her feel bad for expressing her negativity. Don’t make her feel like she shouldn’t feel safe about opening up to you. Don’t make her feel like you are going to use whatever she says against her. Don’t make her feel judged or criticized. Don’t make her feel like she’s putting herself in danger by opening herself up to you.

Be proud of having a girl who opens up to you about her problems. It shows that she trusts you enough to want to tackle them together with you.

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