What Does a Girl Mean When She says It’s Fine?

when she says its fine

When she says it’s fine, it could have multiple meanings depending on your situation. I’m going to talk about those scenarios today.

Scenario 1 – she doesn’t mean it.

Did you recently have an argument? If so, she’s not fine and just doesn’t feel like talking about it right now. When a woman has had enough of the argument, she is going to take a few moments to herself. She’s going to tell you she’s okay when she isn’t. Pay attention to how she is, pay attention to the way she’s talking to you.

If you’ve made her upset and she says it’s fine, it’s not. You need to give her some space and wait before you expect her to actually be fine. We have our personal ways of dealing with issues, and most of us need time and space to mend our thoughts. This is one such situation, she isn’t fine but she will be, all she needs is a little time to breathe and think about things in a clearer light.

Scenario 2 – she means it.

If you haven’t had a recent argument and she says it’s fine, then it probably is. I always advise against reading too hard into things, refrain from letting your mind wander. Being a caring boyfriend is important, but you should also be a partner who respects his partner’s time and emotions. If she says it’s fine and her mood is also okay, it means it really is fine. Sometimes, we make situations harder than they have to be. Life is much simpler than we think. All we need to do is stay vocal and open about our emotions.

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