When The Time Is Right, You’ll Definitely Know It In Your Heart

Chances are that this isn’t something that you haven’t heard before. You’ve probably heard about this from the people who are experienced in love. You’ve read about it in books and blogs. You’ve seen it on the big screen in those romantic movies. And so you’re practically desensitized to this saying at this point. But give it a chance.

All of us as human beings are always going to crave for love. We all hope that eventually, we’re going to find that special someone who is going to bring a lot of joy, meaning, and fulfillment into our lives.

We all hope that the universe is eventually going to conspire in our favor so that we eventually find that one person who is just in the right place at the right time. We want all of the factors to play to our favor.

However, there are those people out there who have never really had the chance to experience that wonderful sensation of falling in love the right way. They haven’t been lucky enough to find love in their lives.

These are the people who are trying their absolute hardest to put themselves in positions to succeed in love and yet they fail again and again. No matter how hard they try, it’s as if the universe is hellbent on not giving them the romantic bliss that they so desperately desire.

And sad to say that I used to be one of those people as well. I was someone who was a skeptic of the idea that says, “when the time is right, you will know it in your heart…”

It’s all because I was just going through life like a relatively normal person. I wanted to experience as much as possible in a world that afforded me so many opportunities.

I wanted to make the most out of my time and that’s why I always put myself out there. I took a chance whenever I could. I always put myself in positions to actually grab hold of the things that I most wanted. And that meant opening myself up to fail as well. And I failed a lot.

I fell in love with so many people who turned out to be wrong for me. I tried my best to be patient. I really stuck with my methods because I thought that things would eventually pan out for me.

I was so sure that when the time was right, love would eventually just fall into my lap and it would be the best thing I will ever know. I was so sure that I would eventually find my way to eternal happiness in love.

And yet, I never seemed to get there. I started to feel like I would never get there. All of the failure, heartache, disappointment, and unmet expectations were really starting to get to me. I was really upset about how everything was turning out. I wasn’t happy with how little success I was achieving.

But then one day, everything did fall into place.

One day, I just felt this really strange feeling that I knew I had never experienced in my life up until that moment. I just felt like everything that seemed so strange and alien to me started to make sense.

I found out that all of the years that I spent just living in the shadows of despair and heartache were necessary for me to learn the lesson that I now know by heart.

I realized that this is my life and I can’t keep on waiting around for things to happen for me. I had to actually go out and make things happen for myself. And it was at that moment where everything just clicked for me. That was the enlightenment that I was waiting for. That was the lesson that I needed to learn.

I experienced firsthand the magic of believing in myself and I hope that you get to experience the same. I hope that even though you are so close to giving up, you still choose to hold on.

I hope that even though you’re so tired of all the disappointment and heartache, you still keep the faith. You need to cling to that belief that everything is going to work out for you.

You need to continue to believe in yourself and the fact that you do have a place in this universe. You need to continue to believe that you have a purpose in this world that you need to serve. And most importantly, you need to be getting ready for love.

So that when love finally comes into your life, it won’t pass you by. When love finally comes knocking on your door, you won’t let it slip from your grasp. You just have to continue to believe.

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