When To Get Out Of A Bad Relationship?

Not every relationship is meant to last for a life time. YES! That’s true. Not all relations work out. You need to admit this fact. If you feel you are not with the ˜right partner’ you should just get out of that relation without wasting any more of your time.

Based on my experiences and learning I have list down signs of bad relationships. If you feel you are experiencing one or more of these, you should know it’s time for you to get out of this bad relationship.

5. Feeling Worthless:

You are a beautiful person and you should feel like one. If you are in a relation that makes you feel worthless then there is no point to carry on. If your partner doesn’t appreciate you, or love you for the person you are, there is no need to stay with that person. Never, ever settle for less than your worth.

4. Lack of Passion:

You don’t have to be just comfortable in your relationship. You should be passionate about your relation. If any of you is not passionate with the other, then your relationship has already ended. There is no point to linger on with a person who doesn’t love you passionately.

3. Abusive Relation:

Whether it’s physical abuse, mental torture or emotional abuse, you should not take it. You deserve a partner who can treat you with love, care and respect. Don’t let anyone to degrade you emotionally or hit you physically.

2. He Wants You To Change:

You should be loved for the person you are. That is most important thing to realize. If your partner wants you to change as a person then they don’t deserve you. Healthy relations do need compromises and a little change of habits but it doesn’t mean that other person has right to rule your life. Love should be unconditional. If he demands you to transform into a totally new personality, you should know it’s time to get out of this relationship.

1. Lame Excuses:

…..’But we are together for so long’, if that’s the only reason you are staying together, just forget it. Don’t force yourself to be in an unhealthy relation just because you both are together for years. Don’t give yourself lame excuses for staying in that relation. Ask yourself why you want to stay in that relation. If you don’t get a valid answer just break out of it.

Talk To Me:

If you are experiencing any of these signs of bad relationship, you should know it’s high time to move on.

  • Tell us your experiences about having a bad relationship?
  • How did you manage to get out of your bad relationship?
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