When You Leave Her, You Will Realize That She Didn’t Lose You. You Lost Her Instead.

If you decide to disappear from her life. If you make a decision to walk away from what you have. If you have resolved to leave her on her own, then you should know that she isn’t really losing you. You’re the one who is losing her. And that’s a decision you will never be able to reverse. You are just going to have to accept the fact that once you lose her, it’s forever. There is no turning back.

A strong woman is someone who isn’t going to get down on her knees and beg you to stay. She isn’t going to ask you to come back into her life. She isn’t going to grovel. She isn’t going to be asking for your pity. She doesn’t want you to feel sorry for her because she really doesn’t have anything to be sorry about.

She isn’t going to beg you to take care of her because she knows how to take care of herself. She isn’t really going to say goodbye the way you would expect her to say her to do so. She’s going to say goodbye without any hint of regret. She’s going to look to the future and she’s going to move on.

She is the kind of woman who knows that nothing in this life is ever set in stone. She knows that she isn’t entitled to everything that she wants in this life. She knows that all of the people she meets in this world are not necessarily going to stay with her forever.

She knows that not all relationships are built to last. She knows that any pain she might be feeling as a result of your breakup is going to fade eventually. She knows all about heartaches and separations. She knows exactly what she needs to do to recover because she has been through all of this in the past.

And that is why she is so much stronger now. That is why she isn’t fazed by you leaving her. She knows that she hasn’t lost anything. But you can be sure that you’ve lost a great girl.

She is always going to respect your decision to leave her because she’s not a controlling kind of person. She knows just how important it is to allow people to live their lives the way that they want. She respects whatever decision you make to forge the path that you want for yourself.

She knows that we are all deserving of happiness in this life. And if you feel like you can’t be happy with her, she’s going to respect that about you. She isn’t going to stand in the way of you walking out the door. But don’t you dare expect her to run after you.

She is the kind of woman who knows that even though endings are sad, they are also usually the beginnings of better things. She knows that no matter how dire a situation may seem, there is always going to be something that is worth being happy about. She knows that there is always going to be a reason to smile.

She is just tired of being mistreated by so many people. She is sick of being taken for granted. But in spite of that, she doesn’t really dwell on regrets. She doesn’t dwell on her past. She picks herself up and dusts herself off. She knows that it’s always important to move on to healthier and better things.

She is the kind of girl who is never going to be afraid of the future because she doesn’t hold on to the past. She doesn’t let her past failures define her. She knows that every conscious choice she makes in the present is what is going to define her future. She is a fearless lady and she knows that love is going to come for her eventually.

And all it takes is for the right love to arrive for her to fully understand why she had to endure so many heartaches in the past. She is always going to be brave enough to open her heart up because she knows that that is what it takes to welcome love into her life.

She isn’t going to tell you goodbye and mourn the idea of you leaving her. She is a strong woman who is going to rise above her unfortunate circumstances and she’s going to keep on moving forward. Your absence will be felt but it won’t affect her negatively at all. She’s going to use that as fuel and motivation to propel herself forward in life.

And once you realize that, you are also going to learn that she never lost you when you chose to walk away from her. You are the one who lost such a strong and independent woman.

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